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What I’m packing: Electronics & Entertainment

I should warn you, this list will probably seriously emphasise my geekiness.  This is all the stuff I’m taking terms of electronics & entertainment.

Part 1. Work Electronics

  • PC
  • Printer
  • Laptop
  • Memory Stick

Obviously I’ll have all the associated cables too.  The PC is because I’m a Sims fan, and running it takes more power than my laptop can comfortably handle!   I very rarely use my laptop, it’s just for the occasional time I want to take it into university.


Part 2. Fun Electronics

  • PC games
  • Xbox and games
  • Gameboy

This is my really geeky section!  I bought the gameboy on ebay (one of the folded SP ones) with a Pokemon game for about £10. It’s great to throw in my bag for when lecturers are late and so on.  I negotiated to get the Xbox free with my contract so that I could give the Kinect it came with to my other half for Christmas.

Part 3. Other entertainment

  • Books
  • DVDs / TV shows
  • Board game
  • Deck of cards

I do know people who take a huge amount of books, but I’m trying not to. Partially because they take up packing space, and partially because there’s nowhere convenient to store them at uni.  I’m limiting myself to a maximum of 20 or so.  In terms of DVDs, I don’t honestly own very many!
Last year, everyone in my house took a board game, and we used them for nights when everyone was feeling lazy and just wanted to chill out together! I’m going to take Articulate this year if I can find it cheaply somewhere.  The deck of cards is an essential for drinking games, and it’s worth having a cheap spare set for when others get lost or ruined from spilled drinks.

What do you take to uni in terms of electronics and entertainment? Anything I’ve forgotten?  Feel free to add your suggestions!

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