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Drinking Game: Harry Potter Ring Of Fire

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So you might recall the rules for Ring of Fire a few months ago – this is exactly the same game, only with a Harry Potter twist. It originated on facebook, but here are the rules for those of you who haven’t tried it yet! (Full disclaimer: we’ve just put our spin on the original rules, available on Facebook, and added instructions etc)

We definitely don’t play this as much as regular ring of fire (mainly because rule 2 is harsh when so many girls are in dresses!) but it still gets played when we want to change things up, or on nights when we’re not going out afterwards.

Name: Harry Potter Ring of Fire/Goblet of Fire
You’ll need: 1 deck of cards & 1 empty glass/jug. A wand for each player minus one – we use spoons usually. One soft ball or ball of socks to be the Quaffle. Each player also needs a drink.
To set up: Place the empty glass or jug in the middle of the floor or table. After house-sorting, spread the cards face down around it. Place the wands somewhere central too!

The premise: Exactly the same as regular ring of fire: each card has a meaning, take turns drawing the cards and acting out their meanings. The biggest one to remember is the King – if you draw one of the first three, add some of your drink to the centre. If you draw the final one – drink the mix!

House sorting:
Take a random card each, the suit determines your house. Remember your house, then slot the cards back together, shuffle and spread around the central cup.
– Hearts: Gryffindor
– Spades: Slytherin
– Clubs: Hufflepuff
– Diamonds: Ravenclaw

The rules:
A – Voldemort- You become Voldemort and must now be referred to as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or You-Know-Who. If anyone calls you by your name they must do one finger.

2 – Dobby the House Elf – Everyone in your house has to swap one item of clothing with someone from another house for the rest of the game. Anyone who refuses does three fingers. Anyone who receives an item of clothing has to do two fingers.  We usually play it that you can’t refuse twice in a row or more than once per game depending on how many layers people have! [Items that do not count: Shoes, jewellery, hairbands etc]

3 – Veritaserum- You become High Inquisitor and everyone not in your house is required to drink. You then take turns in a circle to ask a “Never Have I Ever” question each until you get back to the High Inquisitor.  Anyone who has done the offending item has to drink. This round can be lethal, especially if there’s a lot of player.  For a variation, we sometimes play it with five lives.  For each item you’ve done you lose a life, the first to lose all five lives dies and has to drink half their drink.  This is quicker than going all the way around the circle if there’s a big group!

4 – Felix Felicis – This is basically a get out of jail free card and can be saved for any point in the game. When someone plays a card against your house, you can use Felix to turn it against another person from another house.  You have to take a gulp of your drink (literally taking one for the team!) and it can’t be used against the final king.

5 – Unbreakable Vow- This is the same as Mate from standard Ring of Fire.  You form the unbreakable vow with someone in your house meaning whenever they drink, you drink and whenever you drink they drink.

6 – Chocolate Frog card – You know that game where you have to think of someone with a first name beginning with the first letter of the last person’s surname? (And isn’t that a difficult sentence?) For this round you play that game with Harry Potter characters until someone gets stuck.  They then drink and the next person draws a card. For example, “Hermione Granger, Gregory Goyle, George Weasley”…etc etc.

7 – Expelliarmus- The last person to grab a wand and shout expelliarmus drinks (the fact there is one wand less than people prevents arguments of “I definitely shouted before him”, “No I definitely shouted before her” etc etc.)

8 – Room of Requirement- You and anyone in your house can leave the room to go to the toilet or kitchen etc. If it’s a huge game, we sometimes allow the card holder to extend the invitation to one other house as well

9 – Quidditch- When this card is picked you get the quaffle.  You can choose to throw it at someone from another house at any point during the game until a 9 is drawn by someone else. If the target doesn’t catch it they drink, if they do you drink.

10 – Penseive- Copies the last card that was picked

J – Sorting Hat Card- everyone in the corresponding house drinks (Jack of Clubs= all hufflepuff drink)

Q – Bellatrix – Bellatrix has the power to cast three Crucios at any time (until someone else becomes Bellatrix). Each Crucio must be cast on a different person and requires that person to drink two fingers.

K – First three, add some drink to the centre. Final king, drink the middle!

Other optional rules from the original Facebook rules:
1. Whenever someone does something you can relate to a word rhyming with Dumbledore, they must do a finger. Eg. If someone talks too quietly, shout MUMBLEDORE! at them. If someone is moaning about drinking shout GRUMBLEDORE! at them. Other variations include Fumbledore, Tumbledore, Stumbledore etc.

2. Gryffindors can’t talk to Slytherins. If this occurs both people must do one finger.

19 thoughts on “Drinking Game: Harry Potter Ring Of Fire

    1. Haha we played it a lot at uni but you could use it as an excuse for a Harry Potter party (which we’ve also done!). We dressed up, played games, ate HP inspired recipes…it was good 😀

  1. hahahaha like Leah said: I wish I was still in Uni. I would SO be playing this all the time XD As it is I might just be hung over for days with the thing haha BUT I still think I’ll give it a go sometime…could be fun! Thanks for sharing Faith 🙂

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