Oh, How Pinteresting (#7)

Michelle over at The Vintage Apple hosts ‘Oh, How Pinteresting’ every Wednesday if you want to link up!

Pinterest is one of those things it’s so easy to get lost in, pinning here there and everywhere without ever actually attempting any of the projects.  I’m going to attempt to tackle a pinterest project regularly in the future, but some pins (like dream houses, travel ideas, wedding inspiration etc) are in the long-distant future for a student like me, and so this gives me a chance to show off those as well!

Rearranged things a little this week to match my current motivations and obsessions.

We’re having a Harry Potter-fest this weekend – all 8 movies, 24 hours.  Hence the recipes!

Recipe: Harry Potter themed! (Except the cocktail, which isn’t technically, but I was thinking we could put those decorative petals in, and call it Amortentia)


Filofax: Yes it’s seriously geeky, but I’ve been thinking about my 2013 set up recently, and it makes me nosy!



Everything else: Just because / Quote

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