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Shopping the sales – Going out outfits under £20

I know everyone raves about the items they find in the sales, but I have to confess, I’m a lazy shopper.  I’d generally much rather shop online, because so often you see somehing on the website only for it to be out of stock in store.  Not to mention that shopping online lets you avoid crazy queues and moody people!  With a very limited student budget (and a pretty wimpy style sense), I often spot things that I like but just can’t buy.

Since Inspired by Snake Print was one of my most popular posts last year, I thought more style posts might be in order!  The point of these Shopping the Sales posts is to highlight items that might just work for you, or at least give you some hints about where to start!  This post focuses on night out looks on a very strict budget – basic outfits that you can bolster with things already in your wardrobe.

Going out looks (under £20)
Peplum top | Jeans | Blue Playsuit | Flats | Collared Playsuit | Slingbacks | Studded top | Shorts

Outfit 1 and 4 need a pair of shoes, but black heels would work with either outfit, oryou could pair any boots with outfit 1.  Other than that, these outfits are basically ready to go – accessories certainly wouldn’t hurt, but you could definitely use things you already own, and avoid buying anything else at all.

I’d personally wear outfit 1 for a night to the pub, and the other three for bigger nights out – clubs, cocktail nights etc.  The shorts mean you don’t have to worry about pulling a skirt down every two minutes but are still nice enough that you wouldn’t feel underdressed.

Have you found any great sale bargains this year or are you the sort of person who avoids sale shopping like the plague?

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