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Drinking Game: On the bus

Name: On the Bus
You’ll need: 1 deck of cards, some empty floor or table space and a few drinks each.
To set up: Shuffle the deck and lay 9 random cards face down as shown in the image (ignore the text for now). Divide the rest of the cards equally among the number of players, including the dealer who plays the same way as everyone else after setting up!

Drinking game: on the bus
Set up for On The Bus – 9 random cards face down

The premise: Each row of cards has a value: play a matching card to dish out that many shots

The rules: Once the dealer has set out the cards as shown above, each player may look at their cards.

Each row of cards has a value: cards on row 1 are worth 1 shot, cards on row 2 are worth 2 shots, etc etc until cards on row 5 are worth 5 shots.

The dealer flips over card 1, and everyone has the opportunity to play a card. If for example, the first card is a 10, any individual with a 10 in their hand may choose to play that card (allowing them to give out 1 shot), or hold onto it, in the hopes it’ll come up on a later row and therefore be worth more shots. Once you’ve played a card place it on top of the flipped card, because it can only be used once!

When you play a card and win shots, you can hand them out to anyone you like. E.g. if you have 5 shots to play, you could (evilly) give them all to player A, give one each to players A-E or give 2 to players A & B and the spare to player C, etc. Any combination goes, and you could even give them to yourself (though I’ve no idea why you’d want to).

You don’t have to play a card when it comes up, or if you have more than one you can choose to play some early on in the game and hold onto the others. To prevent everyone holding onto cards until rows 4 or 5, we generally set a penalty rule: e.g. you have to take one shot per card left.

There aren’t really any more rules to it (at least not the way we play!). If you wanted to make things more complicated, you could shake up the number of cards you lay in each row, or invent a harsh punishment for the player with the most cards left at the end etc.

Note: As with most of our pre-drinking games, although this calls for shots we generally state you can just drink 1 finger of whatever you happen to be drinking (e.g. spirit and mixer, wine, beer etc). Saves time pouring shots, prevents mixing too many drinks and is significantly cheaper!

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