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Inspired by…House Stark

The Stark banner from A Wiki of Ice and Fire

As Season 3 of Game of Thrones starts this weekend, I’ve had it on the brain a lot this week, and so I’ve decided to do a series of posts inspired by both the books and the show.  Over the next few weeks – and particularly this weekend – look for lots of Game of Thrones inspired happenings here on the blog!

Today, I’ll be focusing on fashion and accessories inspired by House Stark’s sigil and motto.  I’ve started with House Stark since so many people seem to be fans (though personally, I lean more towards the Lannisters myself).


stark jewellery

Winter is Coming necklace | Winter is coming bangle | Wolf necklace | Wolf earrings | Direwolf earrings | House Stark charm bracelet | Ghost pendant

The majority of the jewellery I found came from etsy, though I found a few ebay pieces as well.  I also had a lot of luck searching for just “wolf” earrings etc, as this brings you up a LOT of results, and can still serve as a nod to your favourite house.


stark clothingDirewolf t-shirt | Keep Calm and Be A Stark | Direwolf House stark | Winter is Coming (purple) | What would Arya do? | Direwolf hoodie | Winter is Coming | The Legend of Snow | Keep Calm for winter is coming | Hodor | House Stark | Winter is Coming bag

If you’re anything like me, you’re quite happy to show your geeky love for A Song of Ice and Fire with a slogan t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I found a whole bunch related to House Stark and it’s characters here, for a range of budgets. I also found a bag, which although not a t-shirt I couldn’t resist passing up.  I personally love the Winter is coming t-shirt with the howling wolf, and the “What would Arya do?” tee.

Phone cases

Arya Stark | Jon Snow | Bran Stark | Ned Stark | Catelyn Stark |Sansa Stark

Is it just me, or are these the most adorable iphone cases ever?! Oddly, I couldn’t find one for Robb (or Rickon, but that surprises me less), but here are the rest of the Stark family. My personal favourites are Arya and Jon, though I love the colours on Cat’s. I think I’ll personally treat myself to the Daenerys Targaryen one, though I might search for a tablet case instead, since the phone cases don’t have a front cover, and I’ve already smashed one iPhone front!

An outfit inspired by House Stark’s banner

Inspired by starks

Black cardigan | Shearling boots | House Stark charm braceletWolf necklace | Skater Dress

Here’s a casual outfit inspired by the House Stark banner from A Wiki of Ice and Fire.  The grey skater dress reflects one of the main Stark colours, and the cardigan and shearling boots give a nod to the freezing temperatures of Winterfell.  A House Stark charm bracelet and wolf necklace are a few final touches, making the outfit look inspired by rather than costume-y.  This is a casual look, that I would wear for a trip to the cinema with my other half, or a lunch out with the girls. I personally wouldn’t wear it to lectures because 99% of the time I’m too lazy to wear heels when I’m carrying books etc, but if you’re less lazy than me go for it!

Are you a loyal Stark? Which house or character would you like to see an Inspired by…post for?

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