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Monday plans (#35)

This is my first time taking part in Monday plans for ages (since May!), so I obviously didn’t have any reading plans for last week.   I’m hoping making plans for next week means I might be slightly more determined to find time to read even though things are busy.

Last week

Aside from working, I didn’t honestly do much last week, so I got a fair amount read. I also started playing around with different things to put in my filofax again!  As you can see, I’m still adapting to the Dodo Pad and my new boring routine – now that I have the same schedule every day, I’ve not quite figured out how to use the 5 boxes best.

This week I used one for things to remember, one for hours worked (useful for filling in my timesheet at the end of the month) and one for counting down until my next time seeing my other half (the joys of long distance).  This week I’ll continue playing around and hopefully have some more boxes filled in next Monday!


What I read last week:

This week

Although I got quite a lot read last week, I’m off to visit my other half at uni this weekend (yay!), which will probably mean less reading. I’ve ordered Altered and am hoping to get that started on the train, but I doubt I’ll get much reading done while I’m actually away as it’ll be my first chance to meet his housemates etc.

Reading plans for this week:

What are you reading this week?

If you’d be interested in posting your reading plans for the week, write a post or comment, head on over to Book Journey’s page and submit your link. For every 10 posts you read/comments you make you get one entry into her giveaway.

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