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Inspired by…Catching Fire

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One of the most talked about elements of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, (once you’ve finished comparing it to the book of course!) is the amazing work the costume designers have done.  One of the most anticipated costumes, and one of the most iconic moments in the film, is Katniss’ white wedding dress, and the moment it burns to reveal something spectacular underneath…

For both of these looks, I’ve chosen to focus on the moment when Katniss twirls, and her dress is mid-change.  For the base of both outfits, I’ve chosen a short black and white ombre skirt to represent the flames eating the bottom of Katniss’ dress.  This isn’t a true representation, as both of Katniss’ dresses are long, but this is a much more workable length I think!

Although I’ve chosen to go in two different directions with the same skirt, I’ve also included a Cinna necklace in both, since “Cinna must be behind whatever is happening“.  The dress is a really bold, brave move by Cinna and I wanted to highlight his importance in a small way.


Look 1

Katniss image
Cinna necklace | Skirt | Top | Blazer | Heels | Bracelet

For look one, I’ve stuck with the feminine vibe given off by the skirt.  A white top with lace details is vaguely reminiscent of Katniss’ ornate white wedding dress. A flying bird bracelet, although not a mockingjay, is a small nod to the moment Katniss spreads her wings.  A structured black blazer keeps the top of the outfit slim and flattering rather than overly voluminous.


Look 2

Katniss Image
Cinna necklace | Skirt | TopJacket | Boots | Bracelet

For this second look, I’ve gone with elements that remind me of a more glamorous (and less practical) take on Katniss’ arena outfits.  A simple white top with a zipped pocket looks almost practical, and almost like something Katniss could wear to training.  High heeled lace up boots are fierce and combine with the (faux) leather jacket to contrast against the feminine skirt.  Add the all important mockingjay in the form of a chunky bracelet, and you’re ready to go!


Which outfit do you prefer? Look 2 is definitely my favourite, because I love those boots and I can never resist a leather jacket!

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