Stacking the shelves

Stacking the Shelves (#47)


This is a kind of insane haul, but I didn’t post last week, so this is actually a two week haul rather than one. Plus Christmas did fall in the middle!  I’ve got a little left to spend on a kindle voucher, so I’ll have a few more to come, but I’m still deciding so those will have to be featured next week.


The Book Thief
The Beauty in the Beast
Dangerous Girls
The Mystery of Mercy Close
Her Fearful Symmetry
Wild Animus
How to Be Good
The Hive


The Mad Scientist’s Daughter
Just One Day
Where She Went
All Our Yesterdays

This week on the blog

I didn’t post very much this week since I’ve just been relaxing and enjoying Christmas! All I posted this week was:

Did you get any great books for Christmas this year? Or anything you’re keen to pick up now the sales are starting?

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