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Drinking Game: The Hunger Games Ring Of Fire

Hunger Games

One of my most popular posts remains the Harry Potter Ring of Fire rules.  They’re a great set of rules which originated on Facebook and they remain popular with our group of friends.  Since I’m a bookish sort (in case you hadn’t noticed) who’s been known to play a drinking game or three, I thought it was about time I came up with a bookish drinking game of my own.  I give you – The Hunger Games Ring of Fire!

The Hunger Games Ring of Fire

You’ll need: 1 deck of cards, a shot glass and 1 empty glass or jug. Each player will also need a drink of their choice.
To set up: Place the empty glass or jug in the middle of the floor or table. Spread the cards face down around it, but hold the joker off to one side for now.

The premise: This is the same principle as regular ring of fire with a Hunger Games inspired twist.  Each card has a meaning, take turns drawing the cards and acting out their meanings until all four kings have been drawn, which is when the game ends.

The rules:

A (District 1) – Assassination attempt

District 1 tributes are often Career tributes.  They’ve trained for the games, they’ll stop at nothing to win and they know strategy is key.  If you draw an Ace, you can make an assassination attempt on any other player.
How: Drink up to three fingers of your drink and nominate a player of your choice – they have to drink double.

2 (District 2) – Watch each others’ backs

In The 74th Hunger Games, the Career tributes (led by Cato, one of the District 2 tributes) form a pack to watch each other’s backs.  If you draw a 2, you get the opportunity to form a partnership with someone else  – not that it’s likely to help you much! These DO stack, so you can pick someone who’s already formed a pair, but they don’t mean you get to share if you draw the last king!
How: Pick another player. When you drink, they drink, and when they drink, you drink!

3 (District 3) – Electrical Charge

Inspired by Beetee, District 3’s card places an electrical charge on the game that will double the next card drawn (i.e. for a drink penalty twice as much needs to be drunk, for a 2 the player picks two mates etc).
How: Place your 3 down face-up, and flip it over when the charge has been used up.  The next card drawn will now be doubled.  If the next card can’t be doubled (e.g. Rebel Rules, Questionmaster, Mockingjay or the King) the charge remains active until the next appropriate card.

4 (District 4) – Finnick Odair

Finnick is a bit of a gossip, and he knows how to hoard information.  For this round, inspired by him you’ll be playing I’ve never, gathering secrets of your own!
How: Everyone holds up four fingers to represent their four lives.  Each player takes a turn to ask an ‘I’ve never’ question.  If you’ve done it, you lose a life – place a finger down and drink a finger’s worth of your drink.  This round ends when the first person loses all four lives, and must take an extra drink as penalty!

5 (District 5) – Poison Berries

Foxface was killed by eating berries she didn’t recognise as poisionous.  Hopefully, you’re better at spotting poison, because you’re about to be tested!
How: Whoever draws the five must leave the room.  The remaining players will make you one shot (of no more than 3 ingredients).  You can sniff it, sip it or down it in one, but you need to drink the whole thing and try and guess the ingredients.  You get five guesses, and for each ingredient you can’t guess, drink a finger’s worth of your drink.

6 (District 6) – Morphlings

The morphlings in Catching Fire are pretty good at making links (even if they aren’t always clear!).  For this round, you’re going to test your own association skills by playing categories
How: The player who draws a 6 chooses a category (e.g. Pokemon) and names one thing that fits (in this case, Pikachu would work).  Play then continues on in a circle with each player naming something that fits until someone gets stuck.  The player to break the run takes a finger’s worth of their drink.

7 (District 7) – Johanna Mason

Johanna Mason loves to get a reaction, and one of her preferred ways to do that is taking her clothes off!  For this round, you’ll either make like Johanna or pay a penalty!
How: Either take off an item or drink three fingers of your drink.  (Just to clarify, shoes, socks, jewellery, ties etc do not count!)  You can’t do the same action on two sevens in a row, so if you drank on the last round, you can’t do it again on the next one!

8 (District 8) – Rebel Rules

District 8 was the first district to rebel, and they’ve clearly had enough of The Capitol’s rules.  This is your chance to improve the rules: whoever draws an 8 gets to make a rule of their own!
How: Make a rule (anything from banning the word drink to making everyone take the name of the player on their left).  Anyone who forgets the rule has to take a drink.  Your rule will stay active until the next 8 is drawn.

9 (District 9) – Question Master

We know virtually nothing about District 9, but presumably they still know plenty about the other districts.  Whoever draws a 9 will become the Question Master until the next 9 is drawn and the title is handed over.
How: You must not answer a question from the Question Master – even one as simple as ‘Who’s go is it?!”  If you answer it, you drink.  If you ignore it, neither of you pays a penalty.  If you respond to a question with “If we burn, you burn with us”, the Question Master has to drink.

10 (District 10) – Catching Fire

Again a district we know virtually nothing about, so round ten is a simple one – shots all around!
How: Whoever draws the 10 is going to start a Mexican wave of shots (that way you can check no one cheats!) which goes all the way around the circle once.

Jack (District 11) – Mockingjay – repeat previous card

District’s 11 card is the Mockingkay, a nod to Rue; the District 11 tribute it’s impossible not to love.
How: The Mockingjay repeats whichever card was drawn immediately before itself.

Queen (District 12) – I volunteer as tribute!

One of the most iconic phrases from the whole series is Katniss’ “I volunteer as tribute”.  A Queen allows you the opportunity to do the same, and to step in front of someone else when they’re nominated for either assassination attempt, pick a mate or poison berries.  This card lasts until the game ends, but if you don’t play it (even if you didn’t get the opportunity!) there’s a penalty of three shots.
How: After someone has been nominated for Assassination Attempt, Watch Each Others’ Backs or Poison Berries, play your Queen to take their place instead.

King (The Capitol) – May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favour

The Capitol set up The Hunger Games, but they’re at no risk.  Not quite so in The Hunger Games Ring of Fire.  The Kings set up the deathly centre, but they don’t guarantee your safety….
How:  If you draw one of the first three kings, pour some of your own drink in the central jug.  If you draw the last king, the odds clearly weren’t in your favour: down the lot!

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