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7 days of Slimming World breakfast ideas

I lost 1.5lbs at Slimming World last night which isn’t bad! I’m a little disappointed because I’ve been really good, but I’m also not really surprised – I’ve never been one to lose huge amounts in a week, and if I could lose that weekly I’d be thrilled!

Anyways, I’m trying really hard to stay focused this week, and so I’ve been brainstorming meal ideas.  While it’s easy to find recipes for dinner, breakfasts are a something I struggle to keep interesting. It’s so easy to get into a rut of cereal or toast every day, but sometimes I want to mix things up, so that was the inspiration for today’s post!

(I’ll admit, I’m not the best at making sure I’ve got the 1/3 superfree at breakfast, but I generally just follow it up with some extra fruit throughout the morning)

7 days of breakfasts

  1. For when you want to be really good: Syn free yoghurt & fruit (0 syns)

    This is most usually any flavour mullerlight followed by a banana, but a toffee yoghurt with sliced banana is also meant to be a good combination.

  2. When you have a few syns to play with: Wholemeal toast & topping (HEB & 1.5-3 syns)

    Toast and some kind of topping is one of my go-to breakfasts, but changing around the toppings stops it feeling boring.  You can have 60g of wholemeal bread for your Healthy Extra B, and here are a few of my favourite toppings.Reduced fat pate, 1 tbsp: 1.5 syns
    Lurpak lightest, 2 tsp: 2 syns
    Lemon curd, 2 tsp: 2 syns
    Chocolate philadelphia, 2tsp & sliced banana: 3 syns

  3. When you want something really easy: Cereal and milk (HEB & HEA)
    This is my other go-to breakfasts, for when I can’t be bothered to think about syns etc.  Pick a Healthy Extra B cereal, add your Healthy Extra A of milk and go!  A few cereals I like (and yes I am a big kid!)

    35g coco shreddies,
    2 weetabix,
    30g honey nut shredded wheat,
    30g weetabix chocolate spoonsize

  4. If you want something filling: Boiled eggs (Free or HEB)

    Boiled eggs are really filling, and they’re nice and quick to cook too.  Cook yourself two boiled eggs (0 syns) and have with either two slices of wholemeal bread (Healthy Extra B), asparagus spears (0 syns), or hard boil them and eat them on the run if you’re in a hurry!

  5. For when nothing but a fry up will do: Slimming world big breakfast (variable)

    Lean bacon, eggs (boiled, scrambled, poached or fried in fry light), mushrooms, tomatoes and beans are all absolutely free on the Extra Easy plan, so help yourself!  You can also two small slices of wholemeal toast.

    If you have some syns to spare, use them for sausages (I personally like the Weight Watchers sausages because they’re only half a syn each) and sauces of your choice.

  6. For the morning after the night before: A breakfast sandwich (HEB & 1 syn)

    I’m not sure why, but for some reason a breakfast sandwich always feels more indulgent, so take your Healthy Extra B allowance of wholemeal bread, and load it up with bacon, sausages & a fried egg.  This is especially great for the morning after a night out.  On the morning of the night out, I can have a big fry up, cooking up extra bacon and sausages.  The next day, (when I might feel a little less awesome than usual) all I have to do is re-heat the bacon and sausages, and load up a sandwich.

  7. For when you want something different: Pancakes (o-4 syns)

    Baking Bad has a recipe for syn free pancakes!  I personally haven’t tried them yet, but I’m keeping them in mind for when I want to try something new.  I’d probably top them with mixed fruit, and a tablespoon of maple syrup (2 syns), though you could equally top it with banana and 1 tbsp of nutella (4 syns), or fruit and a mullerlight (0 syns).

So, there you have it – 7 days of Slimming World breakfast ideas!  What do you like for breakfast when you’re trying to watch what you eat?

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