ARC August Progress: Week 2


My week

Pretty pleased with my progress this week!  Another 2 books read, which takes me up to 4 in total.  My goal for the month was set at 5 so I’m well on track for that side of things!  I also finally wrote and scheduled some reviews so that’s a start on my (perhaps over-ambitious goal!) of 7.


Reading this week

Number of books completed: 2
Total # pages read: 895
Number of reviews scheduled/posted: 2 (Fool’s Assassin & Apple and Rain),


Plan for next week:

I’ve got a pretty busy week ahead this week, so just trying to get through Little Lies this week.  I’m at a barbecue on Saturday, then Matt’s home Sunday-Wednesday, and I’m at work all week too, so not expecting to do quite so well this week!  I’d like to try and read all of Little Lies and write at least one review though.


ARC August stats

Number of ARCS completed: 4
Total # pages read: 1599
Average pages read per day: 106
ARC Sources: Netgalley (4)
Number of reviews scheduled/posted: 2 (Fool’s Assassin & Apple and Rain),

2 thoughts on “ARC August Progress: Week 2

  1. Whew! I really want to get my hands on Heir of Fire ASAP. Shame that I was rejected on NG. I can’t wait to read what will happen to Calaena, Chaol and Dorian. That cliffy ending of Crown of Midnight had me on tenterhooks for months now. Good luck to reading all of your ARCs.

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