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The Weekly Recap (#29)

So I scheduled my Weekly Recap last week and forgot all about it until about halfway through the week when I realised my post hadn’t gone up so this is actually two weeks of recapping.

This week on the blog


I got my tuition fees invoice this week and no progress on a career development loan yet so no book buying for me!

Total spend: £0.00

My Week

The first week was pretty great!  Matt was here until Thursday and we had a very busy but enjoyable few days. Everybody wanted to catch up and hear about his trip so we didn’t get huge amounts of time to just chill out but we had a great time.  We saw Guardians of the Galaxy, went out for dinner with my family, saw some friends and went shopping with his mum.  Then Thursday it was back to work for me and back off to uni for him to work on his dissertation.

Since then I’ve mostly just been focusing on my ARC August/Beat the Heat goals and I’m pretty pleased with my progress!

This week I’ve got a few things planned aside from work.  Matt came home today and he’ll be here until Wednesday morning.  I’m at work tomorrow but Tuesday we’re going to have a nice day in London to ourselves, maybe head to the Natural History Museum, before the George & Robin event with my dad in the evening (who’s super excited and has no idea I’ve already read Fool’s Assassin so I’m being very careful not to spoil it!).  Then Ill just be at work and maybe doing some work on a secret blog project 😉




Up Next:

No idea, whatever jumps out at me!

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Faith has
read 41 books toward her goal of 60 books.


Challenge Progress

  • Seriously Series:
    • Series Started in 2014: 17/18
    • Series Started before 2014: 14/18
  • LGBTQ: 2/3
  • TBR Pile Reading challenge: 12/21
  • Review Pile Reading Challenge: 25/31


How was your week?

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