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Looking Ahead: December 2015

What’s on in December?

Okay, so that might have been a little bit of an exaggeration but December is likely to be a pretty manic month.  My part time job is retail, so needless to say my hours will be quite a lot heavier in the run up to Christmas, so that’s where a huge chunk of my time will go.  As well as that, I’ll be doing some Christmas preparation of my own; buying presents, wrapping presents and finding, testing (though I often plan to do so and then run out of time!) and choosing a Christmas Day dessert recipe or two.  Blog-wise I’ll be wrapping up for the year, trying to squeeze in a few more books, looking at my reading stats and so on, as well as thinking about planning, resolutions and challenges for next year.  If I have any free time left over after work/blogging/reading, I’ll be playing The Sims 4 which I finally just bought!  A busy month, but one filled with (mostly!) very fun things!

Last month’s TBR list

Snow Like Ashes | Completed
Ice Like Fire
| Completed
A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms| Completed
Storm Front | Completed


The Heir| Completed
The Titan’s Curse| Completed
The Raven Boys | Completed
The Art of Being Normal| Completed
The Battle of the Labyrinth| Completed

So I’m not sure why my reading was particularly great this month, maybe because I spent so much time just reading what I fancied which made it very easy to choose reading over…well, pretty much anything.  A lot of my reads this month were also quick and easy – Ice Like Fire, The Heir, The Titan’s Curse and The Art of Being normal were all 1-3 day reads which definitely helped.  I finally finished Storm Front after listening since the beginning of October; now that I’m not commuting for three to four hours a day it takes a lot longer for me to get through an audiobook!

December’s TBR list

Red Rising | Reread
The Dream Thieves
| Borrowed
Chimera| Purchased
This is where it ends | Review copy

Just four books on my TBR this month because I know December is a month where I tend to just read whatever I fancy!  I’m re-reading Red Rising as part of the readalong (and have to keep reminding myself it’s supposed to take the month because I want to race through it!).  This is where it ends is my earliest 2016 review copy so I’d like to get that read, and I’ve already started The Dream Thieves because it’s one I’ve borrowed.  I actually bought Chimera as soon as it came out but haven’t had chance to start it yet – it’d mean completing the series though so that would be nice!

What do you have planned for December?

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  1. Seriously though: HOW can it be December already?! Didn’t we JUST finish Harry Potter Month XD You’re right too this is going to be a more hectic month with Holiday prep, shopping, gift-wrapping, baking, decorating…etc, etc, etc. Before you know it, it’ll be Christmas!! You were really excellent with your reading in November, way to go! I hope you enjoy your December tbr too ♥
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