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June Wrap-Up


A Court of Mist & Fury | Remade | The Crown | Salvation in Death | Born to Run | Wolf Children | And I Darken | An Unwelcome Quest | Small Great Things | Death Masks | The Crooked Sixpence
Books read: 11 (5 more than May)
Pages read: 4863 (2611 more than May )
Average pages per day: 162 (89 more than May)
Average book length: 442 pages (142 pages more than April)
Favourite: I had a pretty great reading month this month… I absolutely loved A Court of Mist & Fury, Remade, Born to Run, An Unwelcome Quest and Small Great Things!


Erm… none?!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (3 x 22) – I definitely feel like I’m watching this now more out of hope that it’ll get better and loyalty to the characters than because I’m totally hooked which is a little sad 🙁 I still enjoyed the finale, but I miss looking forward to the show every week.
Game of Thrones (6 x 7-10) – I have to say, I’ve been really impressed with season 6.  I felt like episode 9 was a bit of a let down compared to previous episode 9s, but episode 10 totally pulled it back.  Gutted we’re now months and months away from more again!
Grey’s Anatomy (2 x 12-27 & 3 x 1-11) – Yep, still completely hooked on this one…
Attack on Titan (1 x 1-5) – A rewatch because while I enjoyed it the first time around, I didn’t totally love it like everyone else seemed to or like I expected to. Very much enjoying it!
The Vampire Diaries (6 x 17-22) – I’ve kinda guess-timated where we started again from, since it’s been AGES since we last watched any.  We were hooked on this, then it all went downhill, but I think it’s now picking back up. We’ve now run out of episodes to watch though because we don’t have S7 yet which is frustrating!
The Originals (2 x 1-2) – Interestingly my other half prefers The Originals to The Vampire Diaries itself, whereas I’m the other way around. I’ve been really enjoying the start of this series though (now that I remember what’s going on!).

Book Haul

Books gained: 9 (1 more than May)
Books bought: 4 (1 more than May)
Total spend on books: £9
Books for review: 3 (the same as May)
Freebies/Gifts/Borrowed: 2



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NetGalley % change: +0% (72%)

Challenge Updates

 ** [Bookish Resolutions update to follow in a separate post because otherwise this post was going to be ridiculously large!] **

Finish the series
This month’s progress: 3 series completed/caught up [A Court of Mist & Fury, The Crown & An Unwelcome Quest)
Running Total: 7/7

2016 Audiobook ChallengeThis month’s progress: 2 audiobooks

Listened to Born to Run and Death Masks

Running Total: 8/10

Running Total: 16/365


This month’s progress: 2/3

Read An Unwelcome Quest & Born to Run

Running Total: 17/36

How was your June?



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