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The Weekly Recap


Dreamwalker (purchased)

Total spend: £4.99

My Week

I’ve been on holiday this week which has been lovely! My other half and I went away for a week, and I spent a lot of time reading, swimming and eating! I finished This Savage Song on the plane over, then read Dreamwalker, Promises in Death, Forever and Red Rising while away.  I also started Golden Son and Wild which I’m hoping to finish this week, as well as the audiobook for Blood Rites. Obviously I didn’t get any blogging done while I was away, or get to read any Harry Potter Month posts, so I’m really looking forward to getting some catching up done this week 😀

Finished: Dreamwalker, Promises in Death, Forever, Red Rising

Currently Reading: Blood Rites, Golden Son, Wild

How was your week?

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