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Movie Moments: Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 (June 21st 2019)

98% critics and 94% audience on Rotten Tomatoes

In brief: Bonnie’s new friend Forky isn’t keen on being a toy, and when he gets lost, Woody goes out to save him – only to run into Bo Peep, who’s been living child-free and loving it.

What I thought: I was utterly underwhelmed by Toy Story 3 so I didn’t go in to Toy Story 4 with high expectations, but I ended up being really surprised.  It’s very self-aware, a bit weird and funnier than I expected.  There were a few moments when I looked at the people I went with in a ‘what the hell is going on?’ sort of way, but mostly it was just good fun to watch.  Forky was mostly just annoying, and Buzz’s stupidity was less funny and more irritating, BUT I adored Ducky and Bunny.  They did, admittedly, contribute quite a few of those weird looks and idle musing about whether there was some alcohol involved in coming up with their lines, but I thought they were hilarious.  Bo Peep of course, absolutely steals the show, with her new independent, child-free life, and watching her and Woody fight and negotiate about what they want out of life is a great, complex issue that probably pulls on the watching adults’ heartstrings more than the kids’.  I honestly can’t remember anything about Lotso and his motivations in Toy Story 3, but Gabby is an interesting antagonist, one of those who’s doing the wrong things but for what she thinks are the right reasons. Overall, while it isn’t my favourite Pixar movie, it’s generally a lot of fun, and I thought it was a much stronger film than Toy Story 3.

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