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May Wrap-Up

Well, May was never going to be as good a month reading wise as April, which had three weeks of Easter holidays and in which I managed 30 books in 30 days, but it was still a very good reading month. I’m still teaching from home, which is no less hours than at school, but gives me time back in terms of not commuting, and not being able to do social things like go to the cinema or for dinner at evenings and weekends has meant more time for reading. I was very lax with reading from my shelves this month though – I used my kindle unlimited trial a lot last month so I ended up paying for another month and then wanted to get value from it, so I read quite a few graphic novels through that. I also finished up my Hunger Games re-read and have been continuing my Harry Potter re-read so those filled quite a few of my reading slots for the month. I’ve only got one more Harry Potter book left though so next month should have a few more slots free. I say that despite knowing full well that everyone else’s Percy Jackson reading has made me jealous enough I’m 90% sure I’m going to start re-reading them next month!


My Dark Vanessa | HP #2 | Mockingjay | HP #3 | American Panda | The Bone Witch | HP #4 | Fables vol. 1 | Fables vol. 2 | Orphan Black: Helsinki | Pines | HP #5 | The Dead Boy’s Club | Burn | The Woods vol. 1 | The Guest List | Poached | HP #6 | Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race

Books read: 20 (10 less than April)
Pages read: 7181 (2169 less than April)
Average pages per day: 231 (81 less than April)
Average book length: 359 (47 less than April)
Favourite(s): Burn & Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race

Reading challenge progress

Audiobook challenge: +9 (My Dark Vanessa, Mockingjay, American Panda, The Bone Witch, Pines, The Dead Boy’s Club, The Guest List, Poached, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White people about race)
Total so far: 33/30 –> Level ‘My Precious’ achieved. Increasing goal to ‘Marathoner’ (50+)

ARC Apocalypse +3 (The Dead Boy’s Club, Burn & The Guest List)
Total so far: 11/?

Beat The Backlist +11 (Everything except re-reads, My Dark Vanessa, Burn & The Guest List)
Total so far: 59/?

Start On Your Shelfathon +1 (The Guest List)
Total so far: 19/?

May Goals review

  1. Count up my physical TBR – done ✅ 
  2. Create a complete ARC Apocalypse listdone ✅ 
  3. Read at least 2 books from my physical TBR – fail ⛔️
  4. Read at least 1 review copy – done ✅  [Burn, The Guest List & The Dead Boy’s Club]
  5. Write and schedule three reviews – one posted & two scheduled ✅ 
  6. Post at least 20 times on bookstagram – so close….19/20! ⛔️
    Might try and post a recap image tonight but it’s a bit dark so might not manage it.

How was your May?

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