What I’m watching – June 2020

I’ve switched over from Trakt to Simkl, because Trakt kept having an issue with not updating my progress list, which also gave me a bit of a chance to consider whether I really wanted to keep things on my watchlist! Simkl doesn’t give me the option to see how long it’ll take me to finish shows I’m currently watching, which was one feature I loved about Trakt, BUT there are some things I’m really liking about it. For one, the option to mark a series as ‘not interesting’ after starting, so it moves to a list of shows I’ve dropped is great. I also really like the ability to mark a series as ‘on hold’ – I’ve been using it for shows where a new season isn’t out, or which are released in the US but which I don’t have access to yet, so those episodes don’t count against my progress. I also like the ability to add stuff to a ‘Plan to watch’ list, so the unstarted shows don’t count towards my progress %.

Currently Watching

Actively watching

Most of the TV shows I watch, I watch with my husband in the evenings after work. Since getting Disney+ we’ve been obsessed with Star Wars: The Clone Wars and are about halfway through S3. We’re also occasionally mixing in Queer Eye (just finished S3) and Queer Eye: We’re in Japan (seen all but the last one).

It takes me a lot longer to watch shows on my own usually, because I have less solo watching time. Right now, the main show I’m watching alone is Grey’s Anatomy, and I’m loving it as usual; I’m about halfway through S16.

Also watching:

The 100 | The Big Bang Theory

After Life | Altered Carbon | Castlevania | Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D | Riverdale | Titans

Added to the ‘Plan to Watch’ List

I’ve heard such great things about The Expanse, and I’ve just bought the first two books, so I’m hoping to start the show at some stage. I’ve also added The Office (US) and Rick & Morty because I’ve never seen either and am curious about what all the fuss is about! I also like that they’re only 20 minutes, so I can squeeze them in more easily.

Shows I’ve taken off the watch list recently

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness – finished
Criminal – lost interest
Altered Carbon – no real interest in continuing S2


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