24 before 24

You can read my original post about my 24 before 24 challenge and my reasoning behind each goal here, but I’ll be keeping track here of my progress.  (The sharp eyed among you may notice there’s only actually 20 goals here, mostly because I’m still deciding on my last few!)

Blogging & Reading

Switch to self-hosted

Improve NetGalley ratio to 80%
60% achieved (September 2014)


Read 10 books I own
1. Before I go to sleep (S. J. Watson)


Listen to 3 audiobooks


Fun & Travel

Spend two nights away


Go camping or go on a road trip


Try 3 new restaurants


Make three fandom themed recipes/cocktails


Buy another coloured (fake) leather jacket



Try at least three new TV shows
Somehow I don’t think Great British Bake Off counts…


Have a movie (or TV) day


Learning & challenging myself

Complete Duolingo Spanish
I couldn’t figure out a nice way to track this one so I’m tracking it visually on the tree. There are 33 lines on the tree in total.
6/33 (September 2014)
Figure out post-MSc options!


Read a book in Spanish


Get rid of 100 things


Complete a 100 days of happiness challenge


Start a savings account


Start a bucket list/101 in 1001 list



Complete the C25K



Lose 24lbs

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