Fun Facts about Faith
I’m a short, blonde, talkative student.
I’m studying Zoology with Conservation.
I am a bit of a geek and I constantly have a book on the go.

People don’t come less co-ordinated than me – I cracked a rib trying to learn to cartwheel.
Needless to say, I don’t like sports. Karate is pretty much my only physical activity.

My favourite foods are chocolate, curry, steak and cheesecake.
I like to try and cook, and especially to try and make my favourite recipes healthier.

I’m scared of birds. I have a pet royal python called Velvet, and a game-obsessed other half.
I started the blog out of curiosity, and because I like to write. Let’s just see where it takes us shall we?

If you want to ask a question, point out an issue, or just say hi (feel free!), send me an email at faith[at]geekyzoogirl[dot]com

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