Serial Reader Challenge 2019

Back in 2013 and 2014, I took part in the Seriously Series Reading Challenge hosted by Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal and loved it.  Kelly doesn’t run the challenge anymore, and I haven’t yet found another challenge that speaks to my competitive soul quite so well, so I thought I’d try hosting one!

The Aim

Knock some of those series off your TBR list! Series you started then forgot about, series you’ve fallen behind on, series you want to reread or series you’ve always said you’ll pick up and failed to, anything goes!

How does it work?

There are two different ways to participate, depending on what you fancy, either levels (like most reading challenges) or points.

Level Option

Choose this level if:

  • You just want to knock off as many series as possible
  • You aren’t fussed about counting series with only 1 book left to read
  • You’re more interested in beating your own target than beating someone else (I admire you, you healthy, wholesome soul)

Any series where you read 2 or more books to finish/get up to date counts.

  • Level 1 – 1-3 series
  • Level 2 – 4-6 series
  • Level 3 – 7-10 series
  • Level 4 – 10-15 series
  • Level 5 – 15-20 series
  • Level 6 – 20+ series

Example participant: Luna has a huge backlist of series where she needs to read 2 or more books because she has a tendency to read the first book and then get distracted.  She’s not interested in competing with anyone else, she just wants to read as many as possible.  She signs up for Level 3, reads to her heart’s content, occasionally blogs about it maybe, and generally does her own thing.

Points Option

Choose this level if….

  • You’re a competitive soul
  • You don’t mind doing a little bit of maths
  • You want series where you’ve only got 1 book left to read to count

ANY book in a series counts.

  • 1 point for every book in a series you read or re-read
  • 3 points for finishing a series in it’s entirety or getting up to date as the series stands on 31st December 2019
  • 3 extra bonus points if you had to read 3 or more books to finish the series

Example participant: Draco has a long list of series he was up to date with before the whole 6th year drama and now just needs 1 book to catch up with.  He wants them to count, and he’s competitive so likes the idea of earning more points.

Example points:

  • Ginny wants to get up to date with Throne of Glass. She’s read the others before 2019 so just needs to read Kingdom of Ash.  Reading it would get her 4 points (1 for the book + 3 for finishing a series).
  • Harry wants to reread The Lord of The Rings. Reading them would get him 9 points (3 for the books (1 each) + 3 for finishing a series + 3 for reading 3 or more books).


Novellas, short stories etc

If you want to count them, count them. If you don’t, don’t!

When do sign-ups end?

You can sign up anytime until December 1st.


Two giveaways, both at the end of the year. One randomly drawn from all participants. One based on points (the same way the Harry Potter month giveaways have worked for any former participants): the more points you get, the more entries you get into the giveaway.

I’m signing up for the points level: do I just aim for as many points as possible or set a target?

Totally up to you; if you want to set a target go for it, but if you’d rather just see how many you can get that’s totally fine too.

Can I change my level or points target?

Yes! You can increase your level/target as many times as you like, whenever you feel like it.  I’d discourage you from dropping down levels (you were ambitious enough to choose the goal so go for it!) but sometimes life gets in the way so if you need to go down, you can.

Inlinkz Link Party

Fall Bookish Bingo

Bookish Bingo is a seasonal challenge hosted by Pretty Deadly Reviews, and while I always love the idea, I’ve never actually taken part.  This round runs for September – November and I’m finally joining in!  My reading is definitely going to take a hit for this final quarter of the year thanks to my new uni course, so I love the idea of still feeling like I’m working towards a challenge even though I’m not reading as much as I normally would (5 books for a bingo seems possible!). Plus, this season’s board has SO many prompts that I love (Witches, Space/Stars, Scares You, LGBT+, Dual-POV….)

Possible TBR:

I’m definitely not going to get through all of these but I’ve chosen a variety of books I’m interested in picking up soon and just had a look to see where they could go on the board. Of course, an impulse purchase or library haul could throw these plans out the window, but they’re just a starting idea!

Made into a Movie: A TV adaptation can also count for this one, and as I’ve still never read The Handmaid’s Tale (or see the TV show) this seems like a perfect opportunity to rectify that.
Middle-Grade: I don’t really reach much Middle-Grade/9-12 fiction, but I’ve really enjoyed the Victoria Schwab books I’ve read so far (Vicious, This Savage Song/Our Dark Duet), so I’m intrigued to read more by her.
One Word Title: Artemis – this is actually my current read, highly anticipated because The Martian is one of my favourite books ever.
Fire in the Title/On the Cover: New Sarah J. Maas = auto-buy! Can’t wait to read this one!

History With a Twist: A Short History of Nearly Everything is all about science, which I’m hoping is enough of a twist!
Set in a School: The Island is split between a school in Oxford and the mysterious island of the title.
Space or Stars:
Absolutely loved Sleeping Giants so I’m hoping I can get Waking Gods, with it’s star-filled cover, from the library.

September, October, or November Release: Strange The Dreamer was one of my favourite reads of 2018 so I’m eagerly awaiting Muse of Nightmares.
Scares You: Creepy possibly-haunted subway? This sounds both addictive and slightly terrifying (I’m a huge wimp, hate horror films but love creepy book concepts).
Legend or Myth: Rick Riordan’s books are always fun, with loveable characters and addictive storylines. I’m hoping to get caught up on the Magnus Chase & Trials of Apollo books soon!
Features Animals: The history and founding of London Zoo. I know a bit already, but it’ll be interesting to get a bit more depth!


O.W.Ls Readathon

I saw a little about the O.W.Ls readathon towards the end of it back in April on Twitter, but as it was mostly over, I just shrugged it off.  I now know, through Mel & Kelly‘s TBRs, that it’s running again in July, ready for the N.E.W.Ts readathon in August, so I definitely want to take part this time around.  The idea was started by Book Roast who is a Youtuber, and the aim is to read books which fit certain criteria for Hogwarts subjects. Subjects you pass can then be continued at N.E.W.T. level later on.

To get an Outstanding you need to complete 5 or more OWLs, so I’m aiming for that at least. I’m hoping to tick off as many as possible, so I have more options in August, but we’ll see where we get to!

Planned TBR:



Total OWLs passed: 10

#SeasonalSeries Readathon – Final results

Sorry I’ve been so absent – I haven’t been around much at all since I posted to say I was joining the Seasonal Series readathon back in March! I’ve been moving house and pretty much getting lost in wedding preparations, but I have still been reading, even if it hasn’t necessarily been very targeted to the readathon.  Here’s the progress I made, however accidentally, on the readathon.

Spring Tasks

1. take a walk while listening to an audiobook – The Boy on the Bridge – COMPLETE
2. read a book while drinking lemonade – Our Dark Duet – COMPLETE
3. read the first book in a series – The Darkest Minds – COMPLETE
4. try to unhaul a book you’ve lost interest in – Several! – COMPLETE
5. read a book that’s been on your shelves way too long – Our Dark Duet – COMPLETE
6. read with rain in the background -> real rain or sounds – The Outcast – COMPLETE
7. read a book with pink on the cover – Beneath the sugar sky – COMPLETE
8. read a book from a middle grade series
9. read a series with a new book coming out in 2018 – A Torch Against the Night – COMPLETE
10. read a book of a series where the parents of the MC aren’t dead – The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue – COMPLETE
11. read a book with character growth – The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue – COMPLETE
12. read a book while eating chocolate – I mean probably most, but we’ll go with Black Widow: Forever Red – COMPLETE
13. Free Space: read any book of a series – Working for Bigfoot – COMPLETE
14. read a book where only the first book of a series is out – The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue – COMPLETE
15. read a book set in the real world – Leah on the Offbeat – COMPLETE
16. read a book with a spring colors on the cover – Beneath the sugar sky – COMPLETE
17. finish a duology – Our Dark Duet – COMPLETE
18. use a flower as a bookmark
19. read a book with great friendship – Belgarath the Sorcerer – COMPLETE
20. read the second book in a series – Authority – COMPLETE
21. read a book while sitting outside – A Court of Forst & Starlight – COMPLETE
22. read a book that is (partly) set in spring – Belgarath the Sorcerer – COMPLETE
23. read a book with green on the cover – Authority – COMPLETE
24. read a book that includes an animal – The Extinction Trials – COMPLETE
25. read a book under 300 pages – Fairest – COMPLETE

Total: 23/25
Bingo? YES (multiple directions!)

Series progress during the challenge:

  • A Torch Against The Night (An Ember in the Ashes #2, up to date)
  • The Boy on the Bridge (The Girl with All the Gifts #2, up to date)
  • Authority & Acceptance (Annihilation #2 & #3, up to date)
  • Beneath the Sugar Sky (Wayward Children #3, up to date)
  • Leah On The Offbeat (Creekwood #2, up to date)
  • Fairest (Lunar Chronicles #3.5, 1 book left in series)
  • A Court of Frost & Starlight (A Court of Thorns & Roses #3.1, up to date)
  • The Outcast (Summoner #4, up to date)
  • The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue (Guide #1, up to date)
  • Working for Bigfoot (The Dresden Files #15.5, 1 book left in series)
  • The Extinction Trials & The Extinction Trials: Exile (Extinction Trials #1 & 2, up to date)
  • Black Widow: Forever Red (Black Widow #1, 1 book left in series)
  • The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds #1, 2 books left in series)

Q1 Reading

I read and loved Ellie’s post on her book stats for the first quarter of 2018, and couldn’t resist looking at some of my own! I haven’t tracked the books that have come in like she has, but I’ve enjoyed looking at the series statuses and lengths of what I’ve read so far.

Books read so far: 33
Total pages: 11027
Pages per day: 123
Average pages per book: 334


  • 8 Paperback (24%),
  • 10 eBook (30%),
  • 15 audio (45%)


  • First in a series – 8 (33.3%)
  • Second – 6 (25%)
  • Third – 3 (12.5%)
  • Fourth or higher – 7 (29.2%)

Genres (note, books are categorised as multiple genres in some cases so don’t add up to 100%):

  • Fantasy – 12 (36.4%)
  • Sci fi – 6 (18.2%)
  • Mystery – 6 (18.2%)
  • Manga – 5 (15.2%)
  • Romance – 4 (12.1%)
  • Contemporary – 4 (12.1)
  • Horror – 3 (9.1%)
  • Non-fiction – 2 (6.1%)
  • Crime – 1 (3.0%)


  • 0-150 pages – 0
  • 151-300 pages – 9 (28.1%)
  • 301-500 pages – 20 (62.5%)
  • 501-800 pages – 3 (9.4%)

Publication date:

  • Pre-2018 – 29 (87.9%)
  • 2018 – 4 (12.1%)

Target audience:

  • MG – 4 (12.1%)
  • YA – 6 (18.2%)
  • Not-specified (eg Manga) – 6 (18.2%)
  • Adult – 17 (51.5%)


  • 0-150 pages – 0
  • 151-300 pages – 9 (28.1%)
  • 301-500 pages – 20 (62.5%)
  • 501-800 pages – 3 (9.4%)

Reading Goals (5)

  1. Read 100 books – 33/100 – ON TRACK
  2. Finish/catch up with 15 series
    I haven’t worked out the exact number of these yet, but two-thirds of the books I’ve read in series are book 2 or later, so I think this is going pretty well.
  3. Read at least 12 manga volumes or graphic novels – 5/12 – ON TRACK
  4. Get My NetGalley ratio up to (and then keep it above) 80% – 73% as of end of March
  5. Read at least 48 backlist books – 29/48 – ON TRACK