Looking Ahead: March 2017

What’s on in March?

March is a bit of a busy month for us, with several birthdays coming up.  My C25K running has also begun to pick up a bit in intensity, and I feel like that’s beginning to take up more time than it has done so far.  Other than that, I don’t have anything specific planned for March really, just try to read lots of books, and get more blogging done than last month 😉

Last month’s TBR list

Game of Thrones Illustrated Edition (984) | Finished
Mark of Athena (586) | Finished
Who Let the Gods out? (368) | Finished
Year of Yes (336) | Finished
Orphan X (356) | Finished
TBR winner (~350) | Not picked!

Infinity Volume 1 | Finished
Infinity Volume 2 | Finished
A Taste of You | Finished

Target pages: 2930
Actual pages read: 3404

March’s TBR list

Turn Coat (420) | Owned (audiobook)
Changes (438) | Owned (audioook)
Feedback (512) | Borrowed
Fool’s Assassin (688) | Owned
Dawn Study (478) | Review copy
The Colour Purple (295) | Not got yet

Target pages = 2831

This is a bit of an ambitious TBR list, but there’s just so much I want to read right now!  Turn Coat and Changes are both audiobooks, Feedback is a library book, and The Colour Purple is a book club choice.  I’m also hoping to re-read the first two Fitz and the Fool books before Assassin’s Fate comes out in May.  Nothing else on the TBR list at the minute, because I’m not confident I’ll get through all of these, but if I do get any extra time I’ll probably pick up some manga to mix things up a bit.

March’s Gaming plans

Last month I was hoping to branch out gaming wise and play something other than Planet Coaster,  which was sort of successful… I did play something else (Rise of the Tomb Raider) but I only played an hour so…  This month, I’m hoping to continue with Rise of The Tomb Raider, and maybe also give Gone Home a go.

Last month’s Goals

  • Lose 5lbs: fail. I stayed the same so I guess that’s not too bad.
  • 15 blog posts: fail. 9 posts.
  • Reach week 5 of C210K: success!

March Goals

  • Lose 5lbs
  • 15 blog posts
  • Reach week 9 of C210K

What do you have planned for March?

Looking Ahead: February 2017

What’s on in February?

I don’t really have anything planned for February yet. I have a bit of a cold, so at the minute other than work I’m mostly just thinking about getting plenty of sleep!

Last month’s TBR list

The Broken World | Finished
Strange the Dreamer | Finished
Countdown | Finished
Morning Star | Not started
Game of Thrones Illustrated Edition | Started
Small Favor | Finished
TBR winner (Shadow & Bone) | Finished

A Street Cat Named Bob | Finished
One of us is Lying | Finished
Siege & Storm | Finished
Ruin & Rising | Finished

Target pages: 3347
Actual pages read: 3375


February’s TBR list

Game of Thrones Illustrated Edition (984) | Owned (I’ve read the original but never the illustrated)
Mark of Athena (586) | Owned (audioook)
Who Let the Gods out? (368) | Borrowed
Year of Yes (336) | Borrowed
Orphan X (356) | Owned
TBR winner (~350)

Target pages = 2930

I’m sort of in book-limbo at the moment, having just burned through the Grisha trilogy and not really sure what to read next! I’ve put Game of Thrones on the list because I’m still slowly re-reading (and very much enjoying!) and The Mark of Athena is my current audiobook so I’m hoping to get that finished.  I’m not sure what else I fancy right now, but I picked Year of Yes as my next audiobook, Who Let The Gods out as something light-hearted and fun, and Orphan X because I got it for Christmas and it has amazing reviews.

January’s Gaming plans

I managed 8 hours of Planet Coaster last month, so I’m feeling pretty good about that! This month I want to branch out and play something else as well (because I have a tendency to play one game, i.e. the Sims, for years, but nothing else). Nothing specific in mind yet, we’ll just see what I fancy!


Goals for February

  • Lose 5lbs
  • 15 blog posts
  • Reach week 5 of C210K

What do you have planned for February?

Looking Ahead: January 2017

What’s on in January?

I don’t have any real plans for January but I do have a new computer arriving, so I’m hoping to get some gaming time in!  I’ll be trying to squeeze a lot in (gym, healthy eating, reading lots etc) so it’ll either be a hugely busy and productive month, or a bit of a flop.  Here’s hoping for the former!

January’s TBR list

The Broken World (572) | Owned
Strange the Dreamer (432) | Review Copy
Countdown (105) | Owned (audiobook)
Morning Star (524) | Owned (re-read)
Game of Thrones Illustrated Edition (984) | Owned (I’ve read the original but never the illustrated)
Small Favor (420) | Owned (audioook)
TBR winner (approx 310) | Owned

Target pages = 3347

This feels like a very ambitious TBR list, but I’m hoping to start my year off strong!  I’ve already started both The Broken World and Countdown so that’ll help, but Strange The Dreamer, Morning Star and A Game of Thrones are all fairly huge, so I don’t know if I’ll honestly get through all three in a month.  I’m expecting to definitely still have some of A Game of Thrones to finish going into next month, but I’m hoping to get the rest finished.  Small Favor is my next Dresden Files audiobook and now that I’ve started doing C25K (post possibly to follow?) I might be listening during exercise as well as just on the way to/from work and when I go to bed.

January’s Gaming plans

I’ve just started playing Planet Coaster, and for the first time in well over a year I should soon have The Sims 3 re-installed (I played Sims 4 for a bit but it felt like a step backwards) so I’m hoping to spend a little bit of time playing both of those.  I’m also hoping to maybe play some of Pokemon Sun.  I got Magic The Gathering cards for Christmas but have no idea how to play yet, so fingers crossed that we might have time to try and figure it out!

What do you have planned for January?


Looking Ahead: December 2017

What’s on in December?

I don’t have anything specific on for December, just work, Christmas planning, and getting ready for 2017!  I’m planning to spend some time thinking about blog plans for 2017, and also of course trying to squeeze in as many books as I can before the end of the year, but that’s about all I have lined up at the minute.


December’s TBR list

The Golden Cage | Borrowed
The Hate U Give |
Review copy
Strange the Dreamer
| Review Copy
Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them | Purchased
Six of Crows | Still on the wishlist!
White Night | Audiobook

I need four more books to hit my reading goal (104) for the year, and I’m pretty keen on making it these four!  I’ve already started The Golden Cage, and I’m planning to start Strange The Dreamer once I finish that.  I’ve read a few pages each of The Hate U Give and Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, but put them aside because I got too engrossed in The Golden Cage!  I haven’t got Six of Crows yet, but I think I might finally treat myself to it near the end of the month if I get through everything else.

It feels like forever since I finished an audiobook, but I finally finished Proven Guilty so I’m ready to get stuck into the next Dresden novel and hopefully get it finished by the end of the year.  It’s 14 hours long, so not a huge one, but now that I’ve got a short commute I don’t get through them as quickly as I used to! I’ve been enjoying the series though, and James Marsters’ narration is great, so I think I’ll be able to finish it this month.

December’s Manga & Graphic Novel Plans

Saga #3

I might have overdone it a bit on the manga and graphic novels in the last month or so, so I haven’t really been fancying them at the moment.  I’m not planning to read any this month, except maybe Saga #3 (though who knows, my mood might change mid-month!)

December’s Watch List

There’s a lot I want to watch this month, but I don’t know if I’ll manage to get to all of it!  There are some great looking films at the cinema, plus I’ve got some TV to watch at home too, but I also want to make sure I still hit my reading goal, so can’t watch TOO much!

At the cinema:
– Moana
– Arrival
– Rogue One
– Passengers

At home:
– Pretty Little Liars
– Planet Earth II
– Nashville
– Westworld

Goals for December

  • Set up planner/bullet journal for 2017
  • Set up the series reading challenge I want to host
  • Sign up for reading challenges!
  • 15 blog posts
  • Plan and schedule the first week of January 2017
  • Learn the rules for Magic The Gathering!

What do you have planned for December?



Looking Ahead: October 2016

What’s on in October?

Blog Ahead 2016-Oct
Well, September was a bit of a disastrous month in terms of reading and blogging so for October I’m taking a step back.  Throughout October I’ll be on semi-hiatus, posting only very occasionally, and instead taking part in Blog Ahead so that hopefully I can still get some Sci-fi month posts up despite NaNoWriMo craziness (because I apparently have ALL OF THE THINGS on in November!).

October’s TBR list

Indulgence in Death | Borrowed
The Rose Cord | Purchased
Three Dark Crowns
| Review Copy
The Final Empire | Purchased

Given how poor my reading was last month, I’m trying to keep my TBR list for this month reasonably small.  I’ve started both The Rose Cord and The Final Empire already so I’m hoping to get those finished this month.  Indulgence In Death is the next J. D. Robb I need, and I find they’re great for mixing things up now and again.  I’m not sure whether I’ll get to Three Dark Crowns this month, or whether I’ll fancy it, but I’ve put it on the list just in case.

October’s Listening Plans

Well last month I had hoped to listen to Fear The Sky which I just never really clicked with. This month I’m going back to a tried and tested audiobook success, and listening to the next Dresden Files audiobook instead.

October’s Manga & Graphic Novel Plans

Cardcaptor Sakura Volumes #6-10
Yu-Gi-Oh Volume #1
Attack on Titan #1

I didn’t read any of the manga or graphic novels I’d had planned for September so I’m aiming for the same titles as last month!

October’s Watch List

On TV at the moment:
– Nashville
– The Great British Bake Off

Catching up with:
– Grey’s Anatomy
– Avatar
– Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
– Once Upon a Time
– Pretty Little Liars

Goals for September

  • Lose 4lbs
  • Keep working on NaNoWriMo prep
  • At least 15 posts scheduled by the end of the month (I’m aiming for 30 but I’d be okay with 15)
  • 8+ workouts (of any kind except walking)

What do you have planned for October?