January Wrap-Up


Skyward | Shadow of the fox | In an Absent Dream | Paper Girls #5 | Salt to the Sea | The History of Bees | The People in the Trees

Books read: 7
Pages read: 1867
Average pages per day: 60
Average book length: 267
Favourite: Skyward & Shadow of the Fox


January Goals

  • Being healthier
    • Track my food everyday -My MFP streak is at 32 days though some days I think I logged in without tracking so…. SORT OF
    • Come within +/- 100 calories of my calorie count goal on at least 25 days – FAIL
    • Exercise 10 times – SUCCESS
    • Lose 4 lbs –  FAIL!
  • Work/Life Balance
    • Plan summer 2019 holiday – IN PROGRESS
    • Submit assignment at least 24 hours before deadline – SUCCESS
  • Blogging
    • Post 8 blog posts – 7 of 8, SO CLOSE!
    • Schedule 3 posts for February – FAIL
  • Finance
    • See 2 films at the cinema – FAIL
    • Start an emergency fund – FAIL
    • Pay off my credit card – SUCCESS

February TBR

Carried over from January
Trials of Apollo – The Dark Prophecy (432) | Library
Polgara the Sorceress (816) | Scribd
Muse of Nightmares (528) | Borrowed

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (388) | Scribd

Target pages = 2162

February Goals

  • Being healthier
    • Keep MFP streak up throughout February
    • Exercise 8 times
    • Lose 4 lbs –  Trying again…
  • Work/Life Balance
    • Book flights for summer holiday – we’re making progress on the planning part, now I just want to get it booked!
    • Submit assignment at least 24 hours before deadline
    • See 2 films at the cinema (How to Train Your Dragon 3 & Battle Angel Alita maybe?)
  • Blogging
    • Post 8 blog post
    • Schedule 3 posts for March
  • Finance
    • Get budget organised and set up direct debits for joint account

How was your January?

October Wrap-Up & Looking ahead to November


Paper Girls 1-3 | Life & Laughing | Waking Gods | Time’s Convert | The Colour of Bee Larkham’s murder | Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card #3 | Sawkill Girls | IT | How to Stop Time

Books read: 10 (4 more than September)
Pages read: 3711 (1303 more than September)
Average pages per day: 120 (40 more than September)
Average book length: 371 (30 less than September)
Favourite: Waking Gods


Challenge Updates

  • Beat the Backlist (56/48) (+7)
  • Finishing the Series (7/15) (+/- 0)
  • Goodreads (100/100) – Goal achieved! Increased to 104.
  • NetGalley % change: +/- 1% (72%)

October Goals

  • Weight loss – back into the 11s
    FAIL – Honestly, I haven’t even been to weight watchers to know whether I might have made this goal but I haven’t been tracking my food or watching what I eat so it seems unlikely…
  • 4 blog posts, including 2 reviews
    SUCCESS – just about!
  • Take part in Dewey’s 24 hour readathon
     – 760 pages/2 books
  • At least 1 cinema trip & 1 date evening
    – thanks to reading week I actually made it to the cinema 5 times this month (A Star Is Born, The House with the Clock in its walls, A simple Favour, THUG & Venom). I’ve been too shattered during the week for date evenings out but we’ve had plenty of nice evenings chilling out on the sofa with food and tv.

November TBR

Life (352) | Scribd (started)
One Way (336) | Audible
Assassin’s Blade (448) | Reread – owned

Target pages = 1136

November Goals

  • Honestly, my goals for November are basically just to keep my head above water with my new course!

How was your October?

September Wrap-Up & Looking ahead to October

My reading this month was literally less than half of last month’s- you can tell my uni course has well and truly started!  In October things will ratchet up another notch so outside of studying I haven’t really got too much planned yet.  In September I hit my original Goodreads goal of 100 books, so I’ve slightly increased it to 104 – it’s not much, but I think as term goes on, I’ll probably be reading less and less, so I don’t want to set it too high!  I’ll be continuing with the Fall Bookish Bingo, joining in with Dewey’s 24 hour readathon, and blogging as much as I can around all of that!


Artemis | A Short History of Nearly Everything | City of Ghosts | Brief Cases | The Island | Sadie

Books read: 6 (12 less than August)
Pages read: 2408 (2578 less than August)
Average pages per day: 80
Average book length: 401
Favourite: A Short History of Nearly Everything


Challenge Updates

  • Beat the Backlist (49/48) (+3)
  • Finishing the Series (7/15) (+/- 0)
  • Goodreads (100/100) – Goal achieved! Increased to 104.
  • NetGalley % change: +/- 1% (72%)

September Goals

  • -6lbs: EPIC FAIL.
  • 4 blog posts: Exceeded! 6 posts managed.
  • At least 1 cinema trip & 1 date evening: We managed a cinema trip to see Crazy Rich Asians. We didn’t manage a specific date night, but we did have a few evenings at home with a takeaway and some tv, and also quite a few social things with friends so I’m happy enough with that.

October TBR

My Life and Laughing (294) | Audible (started)
Time’s Convert (436) | Audible
Waking Gods (336) | Library (started)

Target pages = 1066

October Goals

  • Weight loss – back into the 11s
  • 4 blog posts, including 2 reviews
  • Take part in Dewey’s 24 hour readathon
  • At least 1 cinema trip & 1 date evening

How was your September?

August Wrap-Up

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent for the last few months, but hopefully when you read about my August you’ll understand why!  While this whole year has been a bit manic (moving house + promotion), August was the busiest month so far: I got married, went on honeymoon and finished up at work ready to start a teacher training course in September. As a result, I’ve literally not even turned the PC on, let alone got any blogging done, but I did get a LOT of reading done – I tried to get ahead while I could before my course starts! I also took part in the NEWTs readathon and ended up with 3 Acceptables, 3 Exceeds Expectations and 3 Outstandings.


AtLA The Promise parts 2 & 3 | The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats & Piracy | Fairy Tail 1 | Sleeping Giants | Nyxia | Throttle Me | Catwoman | Never Fade | The Goddess Test | The Goddess Inheritance | Goddess Interrupted | Archie | Ten Thousand Skies Above You | Nyxia Unleashed | The Confessions | Into the Wild | The Poison Study Short Story Collection

Books read: 18
Pages read: Not yet calculated
Average pages per day: Not yet calculated
Average book length: Not yet calculated
Favourite: Sleeping Giants & Nyxia/Nyxia Unleashed


Ant-man & The Wasp – I enjoyed this, but wasn’t wowed by it. It’s watchable and enjoyable though, and I much preferred the antagonist in this to the first antman.
Pacific Rim: Uprising – A flight watch, this was enjoyable but pretty forgettable I thought!
Pitch Perfect 3 – By far the weakest of the three, this was just a bit ridiculous to be honest. I did enjoy the music though.
Rampage – You get exactly what you expect: fairly ridiculous but very easy watching, had some funny moments.
Solo – I enjoyed this SO MUCH MORE than I expected to, and funnier than I expected.

Avatar The Last Airbender (2×18, Season 3) – A re-watch with my husband who’s never seen it.  Just as fun the second time around.
The Legend of Korra (1 x1-3) – This is new to both of us but we’re enjoying it so far. I like Korra but I have to admit I miss all the characters we grew to love in AtLA.



NetGalley % change: +/- 1% (72%)

Challenge Updates

Beat the Backlist (46/48) (+15)

Finishing the Series (7/15)

Goodreads (94/100)


How was your August?

April Wrap-Up


Authority | Acceptance | Beneath the Sugar Sky | Our Dark Duet | Belgarath the Sorcerer | Beneath the Surface | The End We Start From | The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue | Eat, Drink, Run | Working for Bigfoot | Leah on the Offbeat

Books read: 11 (the same as March)
Pages read: 3919 (475 more than March)
Average pages per day: 130 (11 more than March)
Average book length: 356 pages (43 more than March)
Favourite: This was an excellent reading month, I genuinely can’t pick a favourite! I especially loved Beneath the Surface, Eat, Drink, Run and Leah on the Offbeat though.


Peter Rabbit – I had pretty such low expectations for this but ended up being pleasantly surprised by how funny it was! Favourite moment was the unexpected Fort Minor song.
The Avengers: Infinity War – No explanation needed I think! Already booked to see it again next week.
Every Day – I enjoyed this, but if I didn’t have an unlimited card it would have definitely been a netflix watch.
Love, Simon – I absolutely loved this and thought it did a really good job of living up to the book.
The Fellowship of the Ring & The Two Towers – We’ve been rewatching these recently because we both love the, but it’s taking some time because we can normally only get in about an hour in an evening!

Grey’s Anatomy (14 x 14-18) – Still addicted, no change!
Nashville (5 x 3) – We’re watching this as a house and haven’t had much time free together, which is the only reason we haven’t watched all of the available episodes yet. Love this show.
Jessica Jones (2 x 9-13) – I thought this was okay, but overall season 2 just wasn’t as good as season 1.
Riverdale (1 x1-13, 2×1-20) –
This is a new one to me, but I started it on a friend’s recommendation and have become pretty hooked, as you can tell from how much I watched this month!



Other posts:

NetGalley % change: +/- 0% (73%)

Challenge Updates

Sci-fi vs Fantasy Bingo
Alien Invasion: Acceptance
Fantastic Beasts: Working for Bigfoot

Beat the Backlist (31/48)

Finishing the Series (7/15)
Wayward Children
This Savage Song

Goodreads (45/100)


How was your April?