Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review: if you are interested in having your book reviewed please email me at faith [at] geekyzoogirl [dot] com.

At the moment, I am only accepting print copies of a book – bound or unbound, paperback or hardback.

Happy to read: Fantasy/Sci Fi/YA (my favourite genres), Urban Fantasy/Paranormal, Romance/Erotica & Historical Fiction.
Hate: Anything with excessive amounts of gore, Religion / Spirituality, Sports
Will consider: Everything else!

My reviews:
The majority of books will receive a review of around 600 words, including cover art, a synopsis and ratings out of five for characters, addictiveness, plot & my overall opinion.  Longer reviews & “Inspired by…” posts will be given to books that I especially love, or can be arranged upon request.  If you have a specific timeframe in mind for a review, please mention this in your email as certain times of year will be busier than others!

Reviews will always be my honest opinion, and will always strive to be constructive rather than critical in the case of an unfavourable opinion.

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