2013 Challenge check-in: Final month

Now that we’re in the final month of 2013, it seems like a good time to check in with my challenges and see whether I’m on track!

Completed challenges
Debut Author
Seriously Series (Series started in 2013)
Embarrassment of Riches
Seriously Series (Series started before 2013)
Erotic Literature
Pyramid Series
New Adult
Harry Potter Sorting Hat
Goodreads Choice Awards
Library Books Challenge
1st in A Series Challenge
Bingo Reading Challenge

Challenges I’m not on track to complete

Why Buy the Cow Challenge
Goal: 12 books
Read: 8 books

Goal: 6 books
Read: 3 books

Seriously Series (re-reads)
Goal: 1-3 books
Read: 0 books!

A-Z Challenge
Goal: 26 books
Read: 15 books

Literary Exploration
Goal: 12 books
Read: 10 books

Mount TBR
Goal: 12 books
Read: 7 books

My original goals

So far I’ve completed 14 challenges. I originally set myself a goal to complete at least 75% of the challenges I’d signed up for.  I signed up for 21 challenges, but the Book Blogger Recommendation challenge sort of disappeared so I’m discounting that one.

I need to complete at least 15 challenges to reach my goal of 75%, one more than I’ve completed so far.  Of the challenges I have left, the Why Buy the Cow is most likely to get completed I think, especially with pulseit’s 31 days of reading.  There are some titles on there I’d really love to read, so it’ll just come down to whether I can squeeze them in!

The A-Z is unlikely to get completed, just because I’ve not found it really enjoyed tracking it, and I haven’t even attempted to search for those awkward letters!  Mount TBR is pretty much doomed because I have so many great library books at the minute, and I think the Chunkster won’t get completed because I seem to have so many YA titles lined up next!  Literary Exploration and the Seriously Series (re-reads) could go either way, so I’ll have to just see how my reading plays out over the next month.

Goals for December
– Read 4 free books to complete the Why Buy The Cow Challenge
– Read one thriller & one graphic novel to complete the Literary Exploration Challenge
– Possibly re-read a book to complete the Seriously Series (re-reads) challenge

2013 Reading Progress

Goodreads challenge

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Faith has
read 70 books toward her goal of 100 books.

2013 books
Books read so far: 70
Goal: 100
Progress: 70% (19% ahead of goal)

I made some really great progress on this challenge for the first half of the year, and had planned to up my goal quite significantly, but now that uni is finished and I’m (temporarily at least) working, I’ve been doing a lot less reading. I’m going to up my goal slightly I think, to 120, because I’m not sure yet whether I’ll find another job after this temporary contract ends (in which case I won’t be reading too much) or whether I’ll be unemployed (and have loads of time for reading), but leaving it at 100 feels like playing it too safe! It is supposed to be a challenge after all 😉


What I’ve been reading

Review books: 40 (57%)
Library books: 12 (17%)
Freebies: 6 (9%)
TBR: 9 (13%)
Books bought this year: 3 (4%)

Pages so far: 22,235
Longest book: Beautiful Creatures (563 pages)
Average length: 318 pages

Hmm, the length of books I read has definitely dropped since I started blogging, and even further now that I’ve finished all of the Song of Ice and Fire series. The number of books I’m picking up as a personal choice are also coming to just under half, at around 43%. I’m hoping to even that balance out a bit throughout the rest of the year, particularly since I’m near the library now. Hopefully that’ll also mean more long fantasy books too!



5 stars: 4 (6%)
4 stars: 16 (23%)
3 stars: 30 (43%)
2 stars: 18 (26%)
1 star: 2 (3%)

Average rating: 3.02

This looks low-ish, but it doesn’t particularly surprise me. I guess I’m a slightly harsher reviewer than a few of my goodreads friends, because I would say that the majority of books I pick up either do fall into the 2 stars (It was okay) category, or the 3 stars (I liked it). The ones I really like get 4 stars (I really liked it) and the amazing ones get 5 stars (It was amazing!).  That my average rating is 3, rather than 2.5, means from my point of view, the books I’ve been reading this year are better than average!

2013 Challenges: Library Books, 1st in a series

Library Books Challenge
Level: Chapter Book (12 books)

This will all depend on how many books I can get read during university holidays and where I end up from September onwards, so for now I’m signing up for just 12 books.  If I don’t manage to find a job for over the summer, or if I end up doing something local next year, this will get upgraded.

1. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
2. The Selection
3. This Dark Endeavor
4. Coraline
5. Carnival of Souls
6. Wicked Lovely
7. Prince of Thorns
8. Wither
9. Deadlocked
10. City of Lost Souls

2013 1st In A Series Challenge

1st in A Series Challenge
Level: Series Expert (20 books that are first in a series)

1. What’s Left of Me
2. The Selection
3. This Dark Endeavor
4. How Beauty Met the Beast
5. Seduction and Snacks
6. Dance of Shadows
7. Shatter Me
8. Beautiful Creatures
9. Splintered
10. The Emerald Tablet
11. Bared to You
12. Losing It
13. Enslaved
14. The Homecoming Masquerade
15. Mila 2.0

2013 Challenges: Seriously Series Challenge


Due to my tight student budget, a lot of the series I’m aiming to just finish what I already own, rather than having to buy right up to the latest book in every series. If I know I’ll definitely be buying a copy later/know someone who can lend me a copy, I’ve added those in too.

Series started before 2013: Seriously Serious (7-12 series)
1. A song of Ice and Fire
A Dance with Dragons: After the Feast
2. Delirium
3. Matched
4. Women of the Otherworld
5. The Rain Wild Chronicles
Blood of Dragons
6. Conqueror
7. The Southern Vampire Mysteries
8. Lunar Chronicles
9. The Mortal Instruments
City of Lost Souls
10. Divergent

Series started in 2013: Super Seriously Serious (13-18 series)
1. The Hybrid Chronicles
What’s Left of Me
2. Tales of the Underlight
How Beauty Met the Beast
3. Chocolate Lovers
Seduction and Snacks
4. Dance of Shadows
Dance of Shadows
5. Shatter Me
Shatter Me
6. Caster Chronicles
Beautiful Creatures
7. Splintered
8. Legends of Amun Ra
The Emerald Tablet
9. Crossfire
Bared to You
10. Losing It
Losing It
11. Enslaved Trilogy
12. Girls Wearing Black
The Homecoming Masquerade
13. The Selection
The Selection
14. The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein
This Dark Endeavor
15. MILA 2.0
Mila 2.0
16. The Chemical Garden
17. Wicked Play
Bonds of Trust
Bonds of Need
18. The Broken Empire
Prince of Thorns

Series Re-reads: Semi Serious (1-6 series)

2013 Challenges: Harry Potter Sorting Hat & Goodreads Choice

Harry Potter Sorting Hat – no button
Level: Easy (8 books)

Favourite House: Slytherin
1. Snake:
2. Green or silver:
3. Murder/suicide or unrequited love:
4. Shrewd or annoying protagonist:

Rival House: Gryffindor
1. Lion:
2. Red or gold: The Casual Vacancy
3. Ghosts or beheading:
4. Courageous or reckless protagonist:

Goodreads Choice Awards

Level: Easy (10 books)
1. Pandemonium
2. The Casual Vacancy
3. The Snow Child
4. Bared to You
5. Gone Girl
6. City of Lost Souls
7. Easy