Top Ten Tuesday (#55): Top Ten Books On My Summer TBR list

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers. This week’s topic is “Top Ten Books On My Summer TBR list”.

Top of the list!

Fool’s Errand | Golden Fool | Fool’s Fate | Fool’s Assassin

Fool’s Assassin is my most anticipated read this year and reading (or re-reading) the Tawny Man trilogy first is an absolute must! I’m reading Fool’s Errand already, and I’m looking forward to reading all four of these one after another.

The Sequels

The One | Heir of Fire | Renegade

I’ve actually got all three of these already, but just not found chance to start them yet! Heir of Fire is probably my second most anticipated read after Fool’s Assassin but I’m making myself wait a while to read it because it’s still so far from release. The One only arrived last week, but I imagine

From my shelves

The Ocean at the End of the Lane | The Cuckoo’s Calling

I’ve had both of these for ages but for one reason or another not found time. The Ocean at the End of the Lane is on Matt’s iPad and as he’s usually away that explains why I haven’t got to that one yet!  I’ve talked him into leaving me his iPad while he’s off on his project though so hopefully I can get that read over the summer.  I don’t know whether I’ll get around to The Cuckoo’s Calling – it depends if I get past my current fantasy kick!

The Review copies

The Queen of the Tearling | The Girl with all the Gifts

I’ve heard great things about both of these, so I’m hoping to get them read over the summer (though I suspect it’ll take me a while to get though all of the above, so we’ll have to see how things go!)

What’s on your TBR list this summer?

Top Ten Tuesday (#54): Top Ten Books I’ve read so far this year

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers. This week’s topic is “Top Ten Books I’ve read so far this year“.

I feel like I’ve talked/written about some of these books a lot recently, so no text from me this week, just a list.

Cruel Beauty (Review) | Pantomime


Graceling, Fire & Bitterblue


The Martian
(Review) | Prisoner of Night and Fog (Review)


Prince of Fools (Review) | Shadow of Night (Review) | Fangirl (Review)

What have your favourite reads been so far this year?

Top Ten Tuesday (#53): Top Ten Books I’ve read since I started blogging

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers. This week is a freebie, so we can choose any topic.  I’ve decided to go with my Top Ten favourite reads since I started blogging.

**I’m only allowing one book from a series on the list, so the list doesn’t get dominated by lots from the same series!**

Throne of Glass (Review)

I absolutely loved both Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight.
Celaena, the eighteen year old assassin of Adarlan is a wonderful feisty heroine, and I loved the plot of Throne of Glass.  Sarah J. Maas’ worldbuilding is wonderful, detailed but not dry, and the story is still fast paced.  I loved the characters, the mystery and the romance (despite a love triangle).  Crown of Midnight was every bit as good as the first book, and I can’t wait for Heir of Fire in September.

The Humans (Review)

The Humans is one of the books I recommend the most.  It’s currently £3.50 and I honestly feel it’s worth every penny of that and more.  Matt Haig’s writing is wonderful, and The Humans manages to be funny yet poignant, inspiring and heart-warming.  As I said in my review, The Humans is a brilliantly written, truly funny tale of an alien who discovers what it means to be human.

Fangirl (Review)

After The Humans, Fangirl is probably the book I recommend the most.  I was really wary of it because I’d read so many rave reviews, and was worried it wouldn’t live up to them (and also because though I liked Eleanor and Park I didn’t love it).   I don’t think I can sum up my feelings on Fangirl any more clearly than this bit from my review: “I want to buy everyone close to me a copy and say “THIS. THIS IS HOW MY BRAIN WORKS!”. ” – I genuinely loved it, and it reminded me how much I love being a fangirl!

Dance with dragons part 2

It’s really hard to say much of anything about this one without giving away spoilers! It’s safe to say though that Game of Thrones has become an obsession – I started watching the show basically just to keep getting my fix while I wait for the next books.  I very nearly missed out on these, because although I got a copy of A Game of Thrones for Christmas years ago I just never really got into it.  I went back to it later and am so glad I gave it another chance!


I picked up Feed from the library because I really enjoyed Parasite by Mira Grant and was looking for more from her.  I wasn’t sure I’d like it because zombies are definitely not my thing: I’m very squeamish and a huge wimp!  I gave it a go anyway and I ended up loving it.  The story is filled with twists and turns, and I was absolutely hooked!



Graceling is one of those books I’d been meaning to read for absolutely ages.  I took a copy out from the library years ago but ended up forgetting about it and having to take it back.  It wasn’t until Bex sent me a copy from my wishlist as part of the Valentine’s Ninja book swap that I finally started it.  I’m sorry I waited so long to read it, because I ended up really enjoying it, and read the whole series in quick succession!


Ender’s Game

I picked up Ender’s Game mostly because I saw the advert for the film and thought it looked good to be honest!  The book is, I’ll admit,a bit weird.  For one thing, the writing changes from third-person to first-person occasionally, which at first I absolutely hated.  Despite my wariness of the writing, the plot drew me in, and I just loved the way the book made you think.  This is one that stuck with me for months after reading it, and is well worth a read – though I was nowhere near as impressed with either book 2 or 3.

Crewel (Review)

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Crewel is unique.  Albin’s world-building is wonderful, and I absolutely loved the way Crewel blurs the lines between genres.  It’s hard to say too much about this one without spoilers, because I think the less you know before you start the story the better, but Crewel is well worth a read if you like fantasy, feisty (yet imperfect) heroines and a unique premise.

The Dragon Keeper

Let’s be honest, did you ever doubt that Robin Hobb would be
appearing on this list somewhere?!  I read The Rain Wilds Chronicles (starting with The Dragon Keeper) a few months after I started blogging, and it didn’t disappoint.  Her characters are amazing (and she writes some awesome kickass heroines!), her world-building is wonderfully detailed, and the plots are always gripping and unpredictable.  If you haven’t read any of her books yet: do! I’d recommend starting with Assassin’s Apprentice – where it all begins! – but honestly, I’ve yet to read a series I didn’t like.

The Martian (Review)

If you don’t mind a sci-fi story that actually has some science, you’ll probably love The Martian as much as I do.  Mark gets stranded on Mars when a mission goes horribly wrong, and the story follows Mark (and occasionally his crew) as he tries to survive.  The Martian is a gripping survival story of course, but it’s also surprisingly funny, and I loved that Weir isn’t afraid to leave a little technical detail in.  It has heart-stopping moments of drama, but it also had moments that made me laugh out loud, and I ended up loving it.

What have your favourite reads been since you started blogging?

Top Ten Tuesday (#52): Top Ten Book Covers I’d Frame As Pieces of Art

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers. This week the theme is Top Ten Book Covers I’d Frame As Pieces of Art.

I’m not really much of a cover junkie, so this week’s Top Ten Tuesday really stumped me for a while.  Once I started thinking about the sorts of things I’d like to see on my walls though, it was just a case of looking for things that fit my ideas!


No surprises to anyone that animals feature highly on my list! I absolutely loved both The Last Rhinos and Ape House when I read them.  I love the cover of The Last Rhinos, with the silhouette of the rhinos in the wild. I also love the kinda intimacy of the cover of Ape House, and it really fits with the story (though I do hate the sticker!).  I’d honestly be happy to put these pretty much anywhere.

Art_bathroomI’ve only actually read one of the three on this list (Requiem), but I knew for the bathroom I would want gorgeous blue, watery covers. And oh look, another animal 😉

Art_bedroomI haven’t read either of these, but I think the covers are perfect.  I went looking for soft colours, intimate couples (that aren’t blatantly sexy), and I definitely got that here! The fact they’re both on boats is purely co-incidental, but it definitely fit with the relaxed, intimate vibe I was looking for.

Art_kitchenObviously kitchen art has to be of food!  I went with Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Goeey treats for kids, just because the cover is so fun looking, and that’s how baking should be to me (the fact I’m a total chocoholic didn’t hurt either!).   I went with The Flavor Bible because I absolutely abuse spices when I’m cooking, and I love the simplicity of the cover.

Art_studyI really really LOVED Fangirl, and I love the cover too.  We don’t have a study exactly, but since I’ll be commuting next year (rather than living at uni), I’ll need to find a definite space for getting work done.  The cover of Fangirl makes me smile every time, (especially since I’ve been getting back into fanfiction a bit since I’ve been home) and I think that might be just what I need in the middle of a long essay!

Now that I think about it, the cover of The Last Rhinos (right at the top) would also work really well, because scenes like that are hopefully exactly what I’m working towards with my degree!

Which covers would you love to frame and put on your walls as art?

Top Ten Tuesday (#47): Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers.  This week the theme is Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader.


It’s all my own

Blogging is something that’s completely my own.  A few of my friends know I blog, but only Matt knows the link.  Being able to say whatever I want, to fangirl until my heart’s content or to talk about geekiness without worrying is freeing.  I love my friends and family, but I also love having something that’s just for me.


It keeps me busy

As you all know by now, Matt’s away doing his MSc, and I’m still job-hunting, which means I have a huge amount of free time right now.  I love reading, but I can’t read all day every day for months without getting burnt out.  Blogging provides a different way to keep busy.  No matter what time of day it is, I can always find something blog-related to keep me busy if I want to, whether it’s writing a review, brainstorming post ideas or leaving comments.

I can share my love of books

The bookish community share my love of books, and I love being able to share in that!  I love being able to rave about a book I love with other people who also loved it, and who understand the need to jump up and down and talk about it forever.  I also love having a different opinion to someone else on a book because it can generate great discussion, and make me consider a book from a point of view I might not have thought of.


It’s opened me up to new books I might never have got around to

Although my ever-growing TBR list is not good for my budget, it is good for my reading.  Blogging has opened me up to books I might never have heard of or got around to.  From adding a book to my TBR from browsing, to getting your opinions on what to read from my own shelves, to events like the Ninja Book Swap, I never feel like I have nothing to read, because there are recommendations everywhere!


The community

Although I love how much I can get done right now (even if that is just reading and watching TV), my current jobless, long-distance relationship state can be, well, a bit lonely.  The bookish community are absolutely lovely, and those times when I connect with someone, whether through comments or Twitter, can honestly make my day right now.  I’m making a real effort to get back into commenting at the moment, because I’m pretty rubbish at it, but if comments make my day, they may well make someone else’s too!



I love that no matter what a day throws at you (boredom, heartbreak, anger), I can pick up a book and get lost in it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s fantasy or contemporary, sci fi or crime, the rest of the world just falls away while I’m absorbed in a fantastic world with characters that seem to come to life.


Books connect you with people

The David Eddings books are the books I read with my dad as a kid, the books that got me into reading.  He shared them with my mum when they were younger, and I then went on to share them with my best friend and my partner.  Now all five of us have that shared connection.  Similarly, my boyfriend shared with me the Cassandra Clare series and the Terry Goodkind series.  I love having those memories, those debates over favourite characters and best scenes, and they’ll forever be something we share.  I really love connecting with someone by reading one of their favourite books.  By reading someone else’s recommendations you’ve made an effort with something important to them, and the two of you have a stronger connection for it (even if you debate the book rather than fangirl together).


A reader gets to live a thousand lives….

There are things I can enjoy by reading that just wouldn’t be possible in my real life.  Reading gives me a chance to explore things like getting stranded on Mars (The Martian), living in a dystopian or steampunk world, riding a dragon or going to Hogwarts.


Explore other places, cultures, perspectives

This is similar to the point above, but from a non-fantasy point of view.   There are things I read about that I COULD (theoretically at least) do, but won’t, like joining a polygamous cult or taking lessons on being submissive at a BDSM club or starting street racing.  For a thousand and one different reasons, these things are never going to happen in real life, but I can read about them consequence free.



As well as providing an escape and being damn good fun, I love books for being inspirational.  That could be by reading about the life of someone who inspires me, and thinking, ‘I’d love to do that‘.  It could be by reading about a heroine that makes you want to be like her, or it could be by reading one of those fantastically written, absorbing books that re-ignites your love for writing.

Why do you love being a reader or blogger?