The Weekly Recap (#35)

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Horns – Library
Anna Dressed in Blood –
Children of the Mind –
No Humans Involved
– Library

Total spend: £0

My Week

I’ve now moved nearly everything I need for the next year into my other half’s place, I’ve got my timetable for my first week at uni, and I’ve been generally doing various productive things.  We also met up with a few friends from school for dinner and Matt and I took an impromptu date to the zoo.  I start my course on Monday which I’m very nervous about but hopefully it’ll be great!  That means I’ll have a lot less free time from now on (though I’m hoping I can settle into a routine reasonably quickly), so I’m not sure how much blogging/reading will get done.  It does mean though I can begin my audiobook experiment in earnest, and I’ll be starting with Beauty Queens which I borrowed from the library.  I’ve listened to a little already, and I think I should be able to get the whole thing done as part of my commute this week if it turns out me and audiobooks get along – wish me luck!

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1st October: 20 minutes
3rd October: 180 minutes
5th October: 20 minutes

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2014 Reading Challenge
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Hope you had a great week!

Stacking the Shelves (#33)

Considering that I didn’t buy any books this week because I knew I’d need to focus on my exam I had an awesome haul (or I suppose a terrible one from a revision point of view!).  Went on a bit of a kindle freebie spree because I just can’t resist, and I had a few NetGalley requests approved.  Got a reasonable amount posted considering I spent Thursday night in A&E and the weekend in bed feeling sorry for myself!

The Naughty Girls’ Book Club (NetGalley)
Secret for a song (Netgalley)
The Humans (NetGalley)
The She-Hulk Diaries (NetGalley)
Touching Melody (NetGalley)


The Dark Djinn (Kindle freebie)
Voices of the Soul (Kindle freebie)
Addicted (Kindle freebie)
Working it Out (Kindle freebie)
Crossing the Line (Kindle freebie)
The Mating (Kindle freebie)
The Keeping (Kindle freebie)
The Finding (Kindle freebie)
Crown of Thorns (Kindle freebie)
Informed Consent (Kindle freebie)

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Posts I loved this week:

  • This post from Rachel of Fiktshun and Celine’s thoughts on The State of Book Blogging are great, and really thought provoking. I’m still mulling over their points at the minute, but I may have a post up next week.
  • Alison of The Cheap Reader asks How Important is Likeability to a story?
  • Lauren DeStefano (Author of The Chemical Garden trilogy), wrote a fantastic, brave post on anxiety.
  • After yet MORE gallstones trouble this week, I’ve been browsing for some lower fat, but still delicious, recipes.  I’ve always loved Gina’s recipes, and I can’t wait to try the Grilled Teriyaki burgers she posted this week (although without actual pineapple because no one in my house eats it!)
  • This chocolate chip mug cake also looks great for a treat (2g of fat…in a cake? How can I pass that up?!)
  • Geraldine made these minion cakes for her son’s birthday, but honestly I kinda want one!
  • Jamie discusses the good and bad points about her social media diet this week – could you cope with this?!
  • We’ve touched on my geekiness before so it shouldn’t surprise you that I’m very excited for the Sims 3 Dragon Valley – post exams treat? I think so!

How was your book haul this week?

Stacking the Shelves (#32)

Pretty pleased with my book haul this week, particularly since my three purchases came to around £12, which I can’t really argue with! I didn’t get an awful lot posted this week because I’ve been concentrating on reading a lot for bout of books!

Screwed (NetGalley)
The Rapture (bought)
Dead Ever After (bought)
The 5th Wave (bought)
Shadowmagic (Kindle Freebie)

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Posts I loved this week:

  • Jamie’s book confessions are really fun to read, and it’s interesting to see who is guilty and who’s horrified! I know I do all of them except dog-ear the pages.
  • This post on title likes has me considering which title features draw me in
  • Insatiable booksluts talk about reading blocks and asks what gets you going again.
  • With the ongoing blogger-author drama, Lori wants to know how you feel about blacklisted authors
  • I love this post on finding your best time for creative work – I’m most productive in the mornings up until about lunchtime, and between lunch and dinner is usually a write off!

Book deals: (This is a new section that may or may not stay – let me know how you feel about it!)
I spend a lot of time (a LOT of time) browsing the web for book and kindle deals, but then all too often I end up not buying anything because I’m skint! I don’t want to bore you with lots, so here are just a couple of the deals I’m tempted by this week, in case any of them appeal to you!

£3 or less                                                                                                                                            99p

How was your book haul this week?

Stacking the Shelves (#31)

Most of my book haul this week came from kindle freebies since I’m trying not to buy books during the Clean Sweep ARC Challenge/NetGalley & Edelweiss month.  I got basically nothing posted this week since I’ve been ill 🙁

Giuliano Hazan’s Thirty Minute Pasta: 100 Quick and Easy Recipes (NetGalley)
Amity & Sorrow (Won)
The Den (Kindle Freebie)
Mother (Kindle Freebie)
Tempest (Kindle freebie)
Falling (kindle freebie)
Six moon summer (kindle freebie)
Pitch Dark Days: Fall Sampler (kindle freebie)

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How was your book haul this week?

Stacking the Shelves (#30)

Just review books this week since a) I’m skint and b) I’m supposed to be focusing on review books this month anyways! I’m looking forward to skirt-a-day sewing particularly because I have NO IDEA how to sew and it seems like a fun thing to attempt with some of my free time now lectures are over.

For Review:

Little Beauty (from NetGalley)
Love Rehab (from NetGalley)
Skirt-a-Day Sewing (from NetGalley)


It Started with a click (Kindle Freebie)

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How was your book haul this week?