Chinese takeaway on Slimming world?!

I lost 1lb last night, which again is good but a little disappointing given how good I’ve been.  I know realistically I usually only lose 1-2lbs when I’m being good though, so I know I should be pleased with that!

This morning I felt really motivated, but I’ve just had one of those days where everything seems to get in the way! First of all the lunch options were awful at work, so we ended up with veg lasagne (counting the cheese as my Healthy Extra A which I always forget to eat!) and half a portion of sweet potato chips (counting 2 syns for oil).

So, so far so good, but then dinner was a disaster! First we were late home, and then the sausages I’d planned to use were out of date, and we had literally nothing else in.  We ended up having chinese, so off I went in search of slimming world friendly take out ideas.  So, in case you’re interested, here are some of the best choices we found for watching your syns.

  • Take out starters are unsurprisingly high.  Finding a reliable count for spring rolls or satay chicken is difficult, but prawn toast is 7 syns for 2 pieces.
    • A better choice would be prawn crackers (1.5 syns per 5) or BBQ ribs (8.5 syns per 4 ribs)
  • Rice is the best choice if you’re trying to save syns.  Boiled rice is free, egg fried rice is 4 syns and special fried rice is 9.5 syns.
    • Although noodles are theoretically free, they’re usually swamped in oil which makes them really hard to estimate.  A chicken chow mein is a whopping 16.5 syns!
  • In terms of main dishes, chicken in oyster sauce (4 syns), beef with mushrooms (4.5 syns) or chicken and black bean sauce (5 syns) are about the best bet.
    • For a noodle dish, chicken chop suey is only 5.5 syns.


What I had:
I went with boiled rice (free) and chicken with ginger and spring onions.  I couldn’t find a value for the chicken, but I’m hoping it’s similar to the chicken in mushrooms or black bean, and I estimated 5 syns.

I also had 5 prawn crackers (1.5 syns) and a third of a chow mein – which we asked for with as little oil as possible.  It was definitely much less oily than usual so I estimated 12 syns (to be on the safe side) and as we shared it I’ve estimated my portion at at 4 syns.

All of the portions were huge, so I only actually ate half of my chicken and rice, so I have plenty left for lunch at work tomorrow too.

All in all, a very filling, indulgent chinese takeaway for around 10.5 syns – not too bad!

7 days of Slimming World breakfast ideas

I lost 1.5lbs at Slimming World last night which isn’t bad! I’m a little disappointed because I’ve been really good, but I’m also not really surprised – I’ve never been one to lose huge amounts in a week, and if I could lose that weekly I’d be thrilled!

Anyways, I’m trying really hard to stay focused this week, and so I’ve been brainstorming meal ideas.  While it’s easy to find recipes for dinner, breakfasts are a something I struggle to keep interesting. It’s so easy to get into a rut of cereal or toast every day, but sometimes I want to mix things up, so that was the inspiration for today’s post!

(I’ll admit, I’m not the best at making sure I’ve got the 1/3 superfree at breakfast, but I generally just follow it up with some extra fruit throughout the morning)

7 days of breakfasts

  1. For when you want to be really good: Syn free yoghurt & fruit (0 syns)

    This is most usually any flavour mullerlight followed by a banana, but a toffee yoghurt with sliced banana is also meant to be a good combination.

  2. When you have a few syns to play with: Wholemeal toast & topping (HEB & 1.5-3 syns)

    Toast and some kind of topping is one of my go-to breakfasts, but changing around the toppings stops it feeling boring.  You can have 60g of wholemeal bread for your Healthy Extra B, and here are a few of my favourite toppings.Reduced fat pate, 1 tbsp: 1.5 syns
    Lurpak lightest, 2 tsp: 2 syns
    Lemon curd, 2 tsp: 2 syns
    Chocolate philadelphia, 2tsp & sliced banana: 3 syns

  3. When you want something really easy: Cereal and milk (HEB & HEA)
    This is my other go-to breakfasts, for when I can’t be bothered to think about syns etc.  Pick a Healthy Extra B cereal, add your Healthy Extra A of milk and go!  A few cereals I like (and yes I am a big kid!)

    35g coco shreddies,
    2 weetabix,
    30g honey nut shredded wheat,
    30g weetabix chocolate spoonsize

  4. If you want something filling: Boiled eggs (Free or HEB)

    Boiled eggs are really filling, and they’re nice and quick to cook too.  Cook yourself two boiled eggs (0 syns) and have with either two slices of wholemeal bread (Healthy Extra B), asparagus spears (0 syns), or hard boil them and eat them on the run if you’re in a hurry!

  5. For when nothing but a fry up will do: Slimming world big breakfast (variable)

    Lean bacon, eggs (boiled, scrambled, poached or fried in fry light), mushrooms, tomatoes and beans are all absolutely free on the Extra Easy plan, so help yourself!  You can also two small slices of wholemeal toast.

    If you have some syns to spare, use them for sausages (I personally like the Weight Watchers sausages because they’re only half a syn each) and sauces of your choice.

  6. For the morning after the night before: A breakfast sandwich (HEB & 1 syn)

    I’m not sure why, but for some reason a breakfast sandwich always feels more indulgent, so take your Healthy Extra B allowance of wholemeal bread, and load it up with bacon, sausages & a fried egg.  This is especially great for the morning after a night out.  On the morning of the night out, I can have a big fry up, cooking up extra bacon and sausages.  The next day, (when I might feel a little less awesome than usual) all I have to do is re-heat the bacon and sausages, and load up a sandwich.

  7. For when you want something different: Pancakes (o-4 syns)

    Baking Bad has a recipe for syn free pancakes!  I personally haven’t tried them yet, but I’m keeping them in mind for when I want to try something new.  I’d probably top them with mixed fruit, and a tablespoon of maple syrup (2 syns), though you could equally top it with banana and 1 tbsp of nutella (4 syns), or fruit and a mullerlight (0 syns).

So, there you have it – 7 days of Slimming World breakfast ideas!  What do you like for breakfast when you’re trying to watch what you eat?

‘Fessing up: On slimming (or not slimming!) with the enemy…

You may remember that once upon a time, I posted quite a few recipes on StudentSpyglass, all with weight watchers ProPoints values.  They were pretty popular, and my spicy rice recipe is one of my most popular posts, so you may be wondering why I stopped posting recipes.  Well, it’s time for a confession…

When I started work on my dissertation last summer, Weight Watchers went out the window.  And THEN, once I had my gallbladder out at the end of last year…well, to be honest I just went a bit crazy indulging in all the high fat foods that had previously been off limits to me!

Now, my mum has started going to Slimming World….and I’ve been going with her (hence the slimming with the enemy title).   BUT, we’ve been going for 12 weeks now, and I have to admit, I just haven’t really been trying.  I stick to it reasonably well, lose a bit, then visit Matt, have big student nights out, and gain it all back (and then some!). Plus, I indulged obscenely over Easter weekend!

In 12 weeks, I have lost a grand total of 7.5 lbs

I know if I hadn’t been going I would have gained those 7.5 lbs, or probably more, because we’d still have had the parties and the nights out, but they wouldn’t have been balanced out by my attempting to be good.  But still, 7.5 lbs is pretty pathetic, and so I’m owning up to it, and hoping that being accountable will make me stick to it more!

For those of you who are curious about how Slimming World works, I’m following the Extra Easy plan, which pretty much works as follows:

  • Superfree foods: this is your fruit and veg (with a few exceptions) – 1/3 of each meal should be made up of these
  • Free foods: The list of free foods is pretty huge.  All lean meats, potatoes, pasta, baked beans, rice, noodles, eggs, certain yoghurts…You can eat unlimited portions of these, but since I know portion control is part of the problem, I usually still weigh rice/pasta before cooking (else I end up cooking enough for 8 instead of four!).
    Free foods make up the bulk of your diet
  • Healthy Extra A: These are your dairy products – cheese, milk etc. You get different amounts depending on fat percentages etc.
    You get one of these per day.
  • Healthy Extra B: This is your fibre (and one of the areas I struggle with!). This is for brown bread, certain cereals, and various other things like crispbreads etc – but honestly, I just use them for the cereal or bread!
    Again, you get one of these per day

On top of those foods, you get syns. These are basically the bits you have to count, the equivalent to Weight Watchers weekly points. You can have up to 15 syns per day, and I tend to use them all! Here’s a few examples of things I like to spend my syns on:
– A freddo (5 syns)
– Mini eggs x 8 (6 syns)
– Lemon curd on toast (2.5, using the bread as my Healthy Extra B)
– Cadbury’s Options (2 syns)
– Rose wine (6 syns per 175ml)
– Jack Daniels (3 syns 25ml)
– A crumpet (4 syns plus toppings)

Now let’s be honest, the plan isn’t exactly rocket science, and it’s fundamentally very similar to Weight Watchers, I just need to stick to it!  I like the fact that your Healthy Extras are separate from syns, because on Weight Watchers I would never want to pay the syns for milk/cheese, but I don’t find the meetings as helpful.  Now that I’ve signed up to do the 5k in June and am making an effort to get healthier, I’d like to better in terms of food (and hopefully weight loss) too, so I’m signing up for another 12 weeks at Slimming World and aiming to lose more than 7.5 lbs this time! As Thursdays have always been a bit of an unscheduled day anyways, from now on, I’m hoping to use them to keep me accountable and motivated.  Whether it’s a slimming world recipe, a check-in after my weigh in, or something else entirely, look for something slimming inspired on Thursdays from now on!