2012 Goals

I’ve been very unfocused about my goals in 2012, probably because I didn’t write them down! I’m definitely better at sticking to things if they’re written down to remind me, so my targets for 2012 are being publicly announced here, also making me accountable!  I’m starting each of these goals today, since I’ve been so lax about them so far.

– Have at least 100 posts published on here
– Have 25 followers (I’ve no idea whether this is an easy or ridiculously unobtainable goal yet!)
– Sort out a layout I’m happy with
– Have at least 1 guest post or write a guest post somewhere else
– Host at least 1 giveaway

Uni, Career & Finance:
– Pass the second year of my degree with a first
– Gain some vaguely animal related work experience
– Eliminate my overdraft (a very ambitious goal)
– Budget my spending each week, and compare the budget to my actual spending (preferably publicly)

– Make at least 5 things out of polymer clay
– Make and try at least 1 alcohol infusion
– Try 10 new recipes
– Read 50 books

Health & Fitness:
– Pass another karate grading
– Lose 1 stone to get to my (flexible) goal weight of 9 stone 4. Stop before then if happy, keep going if not!
– Complete the Advanced Open Water Diving course

Hopefully I’ll have knocked off all of these by Christmas 2012. Then I have that strange period between Christmas and New Years Eve to figure out my 2013 goals.

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