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Inspired by…Animal Print (Snake)

A few weeks ago, my friend’s birthday night out was themed around animal print. Obviously, the aim was to where something that made clear which animal I’d picked, without looking too costume-like.  Initially I had no idea what to wear, but remembering I’d bought the shoes below eventually sparked off my idea. I bought these exact shoes in New Look’s sale for £10, but they’re copper coloured, not silver.  This was the only photo I can find – they don’t seem available to order online.

Dress – Ebay (£7.48 including postage)
Shoes – New look (£10)
Hairband – Miss Selfridge (I bought a similar one in Claire’s Accessories in Copper for £3, this is just to show the style)
Bronze snakes – Etsy (£3.13 for six)

Total cost: £23.61

I went with snakeskin not only because I had the shoes, but also because I wanted to do something different.  A lot of the girls went with leopard print (and if that would work for you, go right ahead!) but it’s not really me, and since I do in fact OWN a snake…it seemed like the logical choice.

I found the bronze snakes this morning on Etsy, and would definitely have ordered them if I’d found them sooner. £3.11 including postage gets you six snakes, which you could use in all sorts of ways.  I personally would stick one on a necklace chain, and put plain studs through two more to wear them as earrings.  You could use them to dress up plain shoes by pinning them near the front, or put one on a cardigan or blazer to tie that into your theme as well.  I’m so gutted that I missed these!

I was nervous about the dress given how cheap it was, but it’s a fantastic fit.  I’m two very different sizes top half compared to bottom, but I played it safe, ordered the M/L and it’s a great fit all over.  I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

Bonus item:

Nail plates – Amazon (£16.99)

After seeing some great reviews for BundleMonster’s nail plates last year, I couldn’t resist them when I got an Amazon voucher for Christmas.  They’re pricey compared to everything else in the post, at £16.99, but that includes 25 plates – 150 designs!  I used the snake print for my nails since I didn’t find any snake jewellery in time.  I took inspiration from this manicure by Sammy of The Nailasaurus (below) but using copper, gold and black.

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