Drinking Game: Kings/Ring Of Fire

Warning: Some bad language in here, just to warn you.

So the cliché is that being a student means being drunk for three years. Although a bit of an exaggeration, it is true that socialising plays a huge part of the university experience – and that includes drinking! For a great night in (or pre-drinks), decent drinking games can really make the difference. This is one we play during pre-drinks for pretty much every night out, since it’s unpredictable, relatively quick, and slightly different everytime.

Name: Kings/Ring of Fire
You’ll need: 1 deck of cards & 1 empty glass/jug. Each player also needs a drink.
To set up: Place the empty glass or jug in the middle of the floor or table. Spread the cards face down around it.

The premise: Each card has a meaning, take turns drawing the cards and acting out their meanings. The biggest one to remember is the King – if you draw one of the first three, add some of your drink to the centre. If you draw the final one – drink the mix!

It sounds complicated, but it’s honestly fairly simple once you get the hang of it. The fact that alot of the meanings rhyme (explaining the crude language, sorry!) really helps too. The card meanings also change slightly depending on who you play with – these are the ones we’ve settled on, but you could easily swap something else in for ones you don’t like.

The rules:
A – Waterfall – whoever draws the card begins to drink. The person to their left then begins and so on. You cannot stop until the person on your right has stopped. It’s effectively a drinking Mexican wave.
2 – You – You pick someone to take a sip of their drink
3 – Me – You have to drink
4 – Whores – The girls have to drink (I did warn you about the language!)
5 – Dive – Whoever drew the card becomes the ‘Thumbmaster’ – (until someone else draws a five). The Thumbmaster can put their thumb to the floor whenever they want, and the last player to copy has to drink. Can only be used once.
6 – Dicks – All the boys have to drink
7 – Heaven – Like thumbmaster, except that instead of thumb to the floor, it’s hand in the air
8 – Mate – Pick a mate, they have to drink whenever you do, and vice versa. Can be used to cause long chains of mates in mean games!
9 – Rhyme – The person who drew the card picks a word, and everyone has to rhyme with it. First player to fail to rhyme has to drink. Words with no known rhymes (month, silver etc) are considered cheating!
10 – Categories – The person who drew the card picks a category, and everyone has to name something that fits. First player to fail to drink. Category examples: Harry Potter characters, brands of beer, breeds of dog, etc.
J – RuleMaster – Whoever drew the card can introduce a rule, which must be stuck to until the next Jack is drawn. Anyone who fails to stick to the rule must pay a drinks penalty – every time! Example rules: banning the word ‘drink’, swapping names with the player to your right, ending every sentence with a particular phrase etc.
Q – QuestionMaster – The player who draws a queen becomes questionmaster – anyone who answers a question asked by the questionmaster must drink. Only applies until a new queen is drawn
K – First three, add some drink to the centre. Final king, drink the middle!

It’s honestly a lot easier than it sounds, and it’s always interesting due to new rules, categories & rhymes. Plus, you never know who’ll have to drink the King!

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