Fantastic links

Fantastic Links

I’ve found some amazing links while browsing the internet this week, and almost all of them make me wish I were more talented or creative! If you’re looking for inspiration, I guarantee a few of these links will satisfy you.

Like everyone else, I can’t wait for Avengers Assemble this week. This marvel nail art, by Sammy of the Nailasaurus is amazing, as is this avengers nail art on DeviantArt. 

This minimalist avengers nail art is a little more attainable, and may appeal to anyone with a creative streak/steady hand.

I’ve been a long time follower of skinnytaste, since all Gina’s recipes include the weight watchers points.  This pulled pork recipe looks amazing. 

Also from skinnytaste, mozarella sticks and healthy chicken nuggets – great to prepare ahead of a night out, and eat instead of having a kebab on the way home. Cheaper and healthier!

On a less healthy note, these homemade cloud smores look yummy. I’ve never eaten smores before and think I should fix that!

These cake batter martinis also look lovely, though I wouldn’t know where to get half the ingredients here in the UK. Anyone heard of whipped cream or cake flavoured vodka? Or any other alcohol in those flavours?!

The last recipe that grabbed my attention this week were these bourbon brown butter brownies. I love brownies, and I love bourbon – what’s not to love?

Finally, from a shopping point of view, I am in love with these shoes (though I’d love them even more if they came in purple!). If only I were less skint.

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