Happiness Is…

So, I was reading a few different blogs today and came across a post that really inspired me. Leslie of A Blonde Ambition wrote a post focusing on things that make her happy.  The post is fabulous – a blend of light-heartedness and serious heart-warming reasons to be happy. Leslie asked readers to tweet about things that make them happy using the #HappinessIs tag, but I also decided to write  a post about it, since I think focusing on the positive is a good exercise.

#HappinessIs – Finding out your third year project plan has been approved.

#HappinessIs – A family who send you and your partner on holiday after you jokingly say that’s what you want for your birthday. 3 weeks to go!

#HappinessIs – Chocolate philadelphia, especially on top of a hobnob

#HappinessIs – Taking a risk. I started the blog with no real plan, and it may never go anywhere. But at least I started it 🙂

#HappinessIs – Geeky evenings: The Big Bang theory, Buffy, Marvel films & reading fanfiction.

#HappinessIs – My little royal python, who’s finally started filling out now, compared to when we bought her in September.

#HappinessIs – Ticking things off a to-do list.

#HappinessIs – A good book and a hot chocolate.

#HappinessIs – Cocktails and conversation.

#HappinessIs – Spending time with my other half – long walks, cooking dinner together, lunches out, discussing a book or watching a film.

That’s 10, mostly trivial things that make me smile throughout a crappy week. Sitting thinking about things that make you happy honestly does cheer you up, and it’s an exercise I may just have to take up regularly.

Thanks for the inspiration Leslie!

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