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Explaining the extended absence

I am so sorry for the long blog absence – things have been completely crazy here.

Firstly, it was exam season at uni. As soon as the exams finished (literally, the day the exams finished), myself and my boyfriend had to move out of our rooms for the summer and make the 5 hour drive back home for a surprise holiday to Cyprus (my 21st birthday present from my family).  Whilst there, we were still pretty busy as we were doing a diving course, so when we came home we basically spent a few days just doing nothing, trying to get our breaths back.

THEN, when I was feeling motivated to catch up on blogging, circumstances threw another spanner in the works!  My family are right in the middle of moving house (so the solicitors assure us), so the computers etc are all packed up and the internet contract has been terminated….but the moving date has so far been put off twice, so while I kept thinking “I can post once we’re in the new house in a few days” that obviously hasn’t happened.

So now, I’m resigned to using my boyfriend’s old laptop at their house to update as and when I can, so while I’ll be doing my best to try and get into a more regular blog schedule again, things may still be a bit sporadic over the next few weeks 🙁

Thanks for your patience!

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