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Reading challenges!

Browsing around this morning, I came across RoseCityReader‘s blog, and the reading challenges she’s signed up for. Several, including the Chunkster reading challenge, the Tea & Books challenge, the European reading challenge and the What’s in a name? challenge, grabbed my attention.  Clicking through a few more challenge related blogs, I then found the Eclectic Reader, Speculative Fiction & NetGalley challenges too.

Since so many challenges allow crossovers, I figured I’d do something crazy and sign up for all of them!  Here’s a very quick, simple breakdown of each of them.

Chunkster reading challenge – Adult literature books of 450+ pages.  I’ve signed up for the Mor-book-ly Obese level – EIGHT or more Chunksters of which three MUST be 750 pages or more.

Tea & Books – Books of 700+ pages.  I’m going for the Earl Grey aficionado level of 6 books, although closing dates for this challenge are slightly less clear, so hopefully I’ll be allowed to participate!.

European reading challenge- The idea is to read books by European authors or books set in European countries – each book must be by a different author and set in a different country.  I’ll be signing up for the Five Star (Deluxe Entourage) level: At least five books by different European authors or books set in different European countries.

What’s in a name? This is the most complicated seeming challenge – it involves reading one book each for six categories.

  1. A book with a topographical feature (land formation) in the title.
  2. A book with something you’d see in the sky in the title.
  3. A book with a creepy crawly in the title.
  4. A book with a type of house in the title.
  5. A book with something you’d carry in your pocket, purse, or backpack in the title.
  6. A book with a something you’d find on a calendar in the title.

Eclectic Reader challenge – Books from a variety of genres, one each from:

  1. Literary Fiction
  2. Crime/Mystery Fiction
  3. Romantic Fiction
  4. Historical Fiction
  5. Young Adult
  6. Fantasy
  7. Science Fiction
  8. Non Fiction
  9. Horror
  10. Thriller /Suspense
  11. Classic
  12. Your favourite genre

Speculative Fiction challenge: I’m tackling the ‘Content’ level of 12 novels for now, but I may upgrade later.  This challenge allows books from:

  • Science Fiction: hard/soft SF, cyberpunk, time travel, alternative history, space opera
  • Fantasy Fiction: dark fantasy, urban fantasy, magic realism, quest, mythical fantasy, steampunk
  • Horror Fiction: paranormal, gothic literature, splatterpunk
  • Supernatural Fiction
  • Superhero Fiction
  • Utopian and Dystopian Fiction
  • Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

challenge: I’m starting with the blue star level of 10 books, but I’ll up that if I can!

Mixing it up challenge: 1 book from a variety of genres to push our reading boundaries!  For now I’m going for the mixing bowl level and aiming for a total of 12 books (since that matches the Eclectic reader challenge and they’re very similar).  The possible categories are:

  • Classics
  • Biography
  • Cooking, Food & wine
  • History
  • Modern Fiction
  • Graphic Novels and Manga
  • Crime and Mystery
  • Horror
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Travel
  • Poetry and Drama
  • Journalism and Humour
  • Science and Natural History
  • Childrens and Young Adult
  • Social Sciences and philosophy

2012 Book blogger recommendation challenge – This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: to read a set number of books off a list of recommendations from bloggers.  The full list is available here and for now I’ll be tackling level 3 – 15 books.

I’ll be brainstorming a bit this evening, to try and think of books I can read to satisfy different categories of different challenges, and I’ll be keeping you updated on the progress.  Fingers crossed I’ll have success with these challenges, and you can guarantee that now I’ve found them I’ll be signing up for more next year!

Would you take part in a reading challenge? In any of these challenges?  If so, feel free, sign ups are still open for all of them!

I’d be very interested to hear of any book suggestions you might have for me – I’d like to use the challenges to (no surprises!) challenge my reading habits and explore books I wouldn’t usually.

6 thoughts on “Reading challenges!

  1. Welcome to the Tea & Books Reading Challenge! Late sign ups are always welcome … all you have to do is read a bit faster, hahaha! But seriously, all 700+ pages books you’ve read in 2011 will count toward your level. Happy Reading!!

    1. Ah, I deliberately haven’t considered any books I’ve already read this year – then there can be no temptation to slack off! After all, the whole point of signing up is to challenge myself, so I don’t want to give myself credit for books I’ve read purely for fun so far!

      Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I plan to start this evening 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for becoming part of the Eclectic Reader Challenge, I look forward to seeing what you choose to read! Good luck!

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

  3. Wow! In for a penny, in for a pound! I see you go all out when you find something that strikes your fancy. I like that!

    Glad to be of some inspiration. And I am so pleased that you signed up for the European Reading Challenge. Welcome!

    I’ll go sign up as a follower now. Glad to find your blog.

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