Recipe: Cajun chicken & rice

This is a meal I literally threw together for dinner tonight when I was later getting home than expected. It’s simple, healthy, and most importantly, quick.

Total propoints per recipe: 30
Propoints per serving: 10

What you need:
450g chicken breast
1 large onion
1 pepper
1 tablespoon smokey chilli sauce (or smokey BBQ if you’d rather)
Cajun spices
180g rice
Approx 1/2 pint diet coke

What to do:
1. Chop onion, pepper and chicken.

2. Fry pepper until it begins to soften at the edges (about 5 minutes).

3. Add onion and chicken and fry until chicken is browned.

4. Add the cajun spices and stir until everything is covered. Add diet coke and smokey chilli/BBQ sauce.

5. Simmer while you cook and serve the rice between 3 plates. Add 1/3 of the chicken and sauce on top.

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