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Fantastic Links: 17th June

Have you seen the Superheroes v Villains nail art challenge going on at the minute?  My personal favourite nail art designs this week are the Captain America nail art by Spellbinding nails and the Hello Kitty style avengers by PishPosh and Polish.  You can click through either of those links to read more about the challenge and see the other participants – I might just have to give this a go later!

This recipe for baked cinnamon sugar churros look amazing, and fairly straight forward.  This list of 80 Healthy substitutions for recipes may just have to get bookmarked.  Although I don’t think I’d ever be dedicated enough for all of them (like Kale crisps instead of potato!), some are great ideas.

I don’t honestly think I’ve ever eaten bread pudding, but this chocolate bread pudding recipe (7 ProPoints) looks seriously yummy.

This pendant, of a heart made up of two different fingerprints, is gorgeous – but the price tag isn’t!  This pinterest user has a recipe for a salt dough imitation pendant that would definitely be worth a go – it would be perfect for a long distance relationship especially.

And finally a more  serious link:  The Campus Companion has a good article on making the decision whether to transfer between universities/colleges if you aren’t enjoying the one you’re at.  As the article says “it’s a question of evaluating the life you’ve lived for the past year or two, and asking yourself, “Am I unhappy enough to start over?”” – an emotional and difficult choice, but sometimes the right one.
I did a year at one university and it just wasn’t right for me.  Seeing my boyfriend or family meant an hour long domestic flight, which of course means three or four hours once you factor in waiting, checking in, travelling to and from airports etc.  Add in issues with the course, a long commute to and from university everyday and I was ready to give everything up.  Eventually I decided to swap universities, but it was one of the hardest decisions I ever made – if you think it would be the right decision for you, don’t let ANYONE else talk you out of it

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