Recipe: Cajun pork & Creamy Carbonara

Okay, I know I JUST posted a cajun recipe, but I’ve had a sudden obsession with it this week.  This is an impressive looking meal – carbonara is generally a good looking meal, and by adding in spicy pork instead of bacon, you can serve up an unexpected, tasty but still surprisingly simple meal, all for just 12 ProPoints a serving!

Total propoints per recipe: 60
Propoints per serving: 12
Serves: 5

What you need:
500g lean pork loin
4 spring onions
2 cloves of garlic
200g of Philadelphia Extra Light
Cajun spices
30g parmesan
150ml skimmed milk
300g dried wholemeal pasta
Fresh basil (optional)

What to do:
1.  First, put a pan of water on to boil.   Once the water is ready, add the pasta.

2. Cover pork steaks with Cajun spices – personally, I was LIBERAL with the spices, because I’m not a huge fan of carbonara, and wanted the spice to be the overwhelming flavour, as opposed to the cheese.

3. Grill the pork steaks – either in a traditional grill or a George Foreman grill.  Ours took approximately 6 minutes in the George Foreman.

4. Chop spring onions and garlic, and fry in a deep frying pan/wok for 2 minutes.

5. Drain the pasta (Assuming your 10 minutes are up), but keep 2 or 3 tablespoons of the water.

6.  When the pork is cooked, slice each steak into long thin strips, and place on a covered plate to keep warm. Put the spring onions and garlic on a plate/clean chopping board for a few minutes to prepare the sauce.

7.  Add the Philadelphia to the frying pan and let it warm for a minute to soften.  Add the water from the pasta, 20g of parmesan and half of the milk.  Whisk over a medium heat for 1-2 minutes until smooth, adding more milk as required.

8.  When the sauce is smooth, season with salt, pepper and a few shredded leaves of basil.  Add the pasta, spring onions and garlic and stir until everything is covered and the pasta is warm.

9.  Divide between five plates, topping with equal shares of the cajun pork.  Sprinkle the remaining 10g of parmesan over the finished dishes.

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