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30 Days of books: Days 1 & 2

No one seems to know where the 30 Days of Books really originated, but I first found it on Biblioteca.  I’ll be answering a few questions at a time in each post so as to avoid clogging the whole page with responses.  Here’s Day 1 & 2.

Day 1: The best book you read last year

I struggled with this at first, since I read a lot of great books – and I wasn’t helped by the fact I didn’t record any of my reading choices last year!

Although I loved both The Hunger Games trilogy and A Clash of Kings (once I got into it!) I think my favourite would have to be Dragon Keeper.


Day 2: A book that you’ve read more than 3 times

I admit it – I have no objections to re-reading, and do it alot! I re-read when I’m likely to be interrupted a lot, like on a plane journey, or when I’m feeling crappy and want a comfort read, or when I’m bored and too broke to buy any more…you get the idea.  So there are a lot of books I’ve read more than three times! A few examples:

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