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Inspired by…Bird Print

Today’s outfits are inspired by lace, a huge trend last year, but which I’ve not really tried out much.  I’ve come up with three different outfits, for different budgets and scenarios – hopefully they’ll inspire you, even if they aren’t a perfect fit for your personal style.

Look #1: The easiest night out look ever

Playsuit | Total cost: £19.99

Okay, admittedly, the playsuit alone doesn’t make you QUITE ready for a night out…but a pair of black heels and a black cardigan or blazer if you want to cover your shoulders means your done – and I defy ANY girl to tell me she couldn’t make a variation of that outfit using the playsuit and stuff she already owns!

Look #2:  Lecture appropriate

Top| Jeans | Shoes | Nail Varnish |  Total cost: £28.98

I admitted in the last ‘Inspired by’ post, that I don’t really like pink, and yet here I am featuring it in another outfit.  Don’t ask what’s gotten into me – I’ve no idea!

Look #3: A casual date or afternoon

Top | Shorts | Shoes | Bracelets | Total cost: £27.97

I designed this look with a casual summer afternoon in mind – my personal thought was a picnic, but the practical flats make it a possibility for a range of casual options from lunch with the girls to a barbecue.

Would you wear any of these looks? Do you have a favourite, or do you prefer your clothes without animals on?

Look #1 probably fits best with my personal style since (confession!) nights out are about the only time I take risks with my style, day to day I tend to just stick to jeans & a t-shirt. I can’t decide which I prefer of outfit #2 or 3, can you?

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