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Fantastic Links: 5th August

This week’s links showcase books, potential online earnings, recipes & make up tips.

This breakdown of upcoming new TV from Parajunkee is great. We have to wait a while to get American TV here, but it doesn’t put us off watching!  For me, Arrow, The New Normal & Revolution look interesting enough to at least check out episode 1!

If you’re looking for new reading material and have a kindle, this list of $2.99 or less is great – a few freebies too.

I will pretty much inhale anything chocolate, and I’m a big fan of cake so  I’m going to have to give these pink lemonade bars, and these chocolate swirl biscuits, a go in the next few weeks.

Have any of you tried Swagbucks for earning online?  I’ve been using it inconsistently for the last two weeks and earned enough for a £5 Amazon voucher, but was just wondering if anyone had any long term experience with it?  Mylot seems like a more viable option (a pay-to-post site) but I’m honestly just a bit too lazy for it!

I haven’t signed up yet, but the more I read about the YA Saves reading challenge, the more tempted I am!  Are any of you taking part? Or do you have another favourite reading challenge this year?  I just can’t seem to stop finding more I want to join!

I’m excited about Brave coming out soon, and I’ll definitely be taking my little sister to see it.  I’ll be honest, I skimmed this article of Brave inspired outfits (in case of spoilers), but the ideas are great.  I especially love the accessories and outfit 3.

This page by HerCampus showcases a whole lot of posts relevant if you’re starting uni this September.  Even as a returning student I found some great tips.

Also from HerCampus, if you’re a beauty junkie you’ll enjoy these 5 beauty trends for Back to school.

The Beauty Department always has some great posts (especially if you’re like me and honestly kind of afraid of some make up item/baffled by what they do).  This post on the order for day vs night make up is fab, and I’m definitely bookmarking for future use!

This breakdown of red lipsticks for your skintone is also extremely helpful!

I recently got a slow cooker and haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.  I’m so excited to try this butter chicken curry recipe.  Normally I love my curries hot, but just once in a while something creamier takes my fancy.  This meat-free stuffed pasta shells recipe also looks nice, and easy to adapt to taste.

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