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Fantastic Links: 12th August

Okay, I know I shared a smitten kitchen recipe last week but this charred pepper steak sauce looks amazing – she raved so much, I have to try it! (I should point out, I LOVE steak. Actually, I pretty much just love food but that’s a whole other post).

Must buy an ice-cream maker so that I can make Rocky Road ice-cream….No wait, must resist an ice-cream maker so I don’t make bucketfuls of this stuff.

I just discovered the blog Julia’s Healty Italian and I can’t wait to make her Roasted chicken with a citrus glaze.  Looks tasty and simple.

Oreo cheesecake? Yes please. Now.

If you’re back to school soon (or less soon but looking for motivation) check out these tips from CollegePrepster on getting organised for a new semester & keeping your desk managable while studying.

This Lifehacker post on managing a small desk is also worth a look at and Refinery29 gives tips on small space decor.

A Beautiful mess also gives you tips for how to declutter your wardrobe – worth doing BEFORE you move your stuff across town/the state/the country/the world for school.

If you’re a fashion fan, this list of the 50 best fashion sites to follow on Pinterest might be for you.

Life2.Oh has put together a list of 20 dates for 20-somethings – do you have any ideas they missed?
Have you heard about the “Disasterland” art by Rodolfo Loaiza? Gurl discusses it here.

Are you a nail art fan?  I’ve just heard about Polish Days and I think I might give it a go (though my nail art skills are literally non-existent!).    It’s only occasionally after all. Anyone else interested in joining in?

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