Stacking the shelves

Stacking the Shelves (#1)

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For review (all NetGalley):

Pushing the Limits | Osiris | Seven Years to Sin

Won (Thanks to LibraryThing Member Giveaway & Laura Rae Amos):

Exactly where they’d fall

I’m really looking forward to reading this – I’ve read a lot of fantasy recently, and I’m relishing the idea of reading something different!


Nightfall | Clockwork Prince

I know, I know – I whined about Clockwork Angel, why have I borrowed Clockwork Prince? Honestly, it’s just because everyone keeps raving about it, and I’m hoping it’ll improve! This is way down on my list of priorities though.


A Storm of Swords: Blood and gold | Dark kiss of rapture

Dark Kiss of Rapture was free on Kindle for Amazon when I bought it (and still is as of 10:30am UK time when I checked).  It’s very short, but not bad, especially considering it was free.

Edit: After scheduling this for this morning, I took a last minute trip to the library….and came back with a tonne of books.  Oops.


Eye lake | The Elephant Whisperer | Keeper of the Light | The Midwife’s Confession | The Night Circus | The Pledge | Helen of Troy

14 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (#1)

  1. You will really enjoy Pushing the Limits if you’ve been stuck in a Fantasy binge lately! I’ve read one Sylvia Day short (the Vegas one) and I really liked it so I’ll have to read more of her. I did get Dark Taste a few weeks ago but I kind of forgot I had it (I always forget my free ebooks b/c well, you just don’t see them!)

    Have a great week! New follower
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