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Top Ten Tuesday (#7): Bookish Confession

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers. This week’s theme is “Top Ten Bookish Confessions”.

There’s just two problems with this question – a) I haven’t been blogging that long and b) I was pretty lax about recording what I read until recently!  Based on what I HAVE recorded/can remember I would have to go with….

1. Skimming – I admit it, just sometimes, when I’m tired, or not enjoying the writing but loving the plot, I’ll skim a scene – you know those scenes where nothing seems to happen?

2. Amount of books

3. Sales – I am pretty much incapable of walking past a sign for half price books or books in charity stores without buying something – even if I don’t think I’ll love it.

4. Loaning – Does anyone else get anxious about loaning books out? That they’ll come back crumpled or stained or (god forbid!) not at all?!

5. Leaving open – I admit it, if I can’t find a receipt, or post it, or anything else that might vaguely be used as a bookmark (I have even been known to use empty wrappers on occasion, so this is when I’m really desperate) – I’ll put my book face down to keep the page. Never for very long though!

6. Dust Jackets – Does anyone else hate these?! I take them off when I’m reading, and have even lost a few, I just can’t stand them!

7. No cover love here – When I’m browsing a sale or whatever, I do look at a cover, but if it’s a book I’ve ordered online, or part of a series that I know I want, I don’t give the cover a thought at all.  My other half will always analyze it, discuss who’s on the cover etc, but I honestly just don’t really think about it!

8. Netgalley – I don’t even want to think about how far behind I am on NetGalley, but I keep requesting books even though I know I shouldn’t.

9. TBR Management – Even though I have loads of review books and library books and blog tour books I just end up reading whatever I fancy most of the time!

10. Risky reading locations – I read in the bath, and while I’m eating, and just pray I don’t make a mess.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (#7): Bookish Confession

  1. I love your confessions! I confessed to be a skimmer too. Oops!! Sometimes I can’t help it. Mine is the worst when I get excited about reading because I have to skip ahead to what happens next lol.
    I totally am a sucker for sales! So bad.

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