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Stacking the Shelves (#6)

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I was marginally better this week than  last! I only took in a few books….but I’ve also been packing and actually moving back to uni this week, so I’ve got virtually no reading done :s so I guess it balances out!

For review (from NetGalley):

The Paternity Test


Fallen | The Iron Witch | Blood & Ice

I’m not supposed to buying books because a) I have a tonne of uni work/no free time, b) I’m supposed to be beginning to get back into a budgeting habit and c) I have a TBR pile that makes my other half shake his head in frustration regularly.

BUT…..3 books for £5 in Tesco…how could I resist?! Especially since Fallen is one of those books that I feel like everyone has read except me, but I don’t honestly expect to love, so I wanted to buy cheaply. I blame Tesco!

(I also gave in and bought a bottle of Jack Daniels honey, because I love JD, haven’t tried this, and it was reduced…and I need to stock up on alcohol for back to university. So, really, it was a sensible buy! …. Just go with it.)

This week on the blog – I moved back to uni yesterday, so this week has been a total failure blogging wise! I’m hoping to do much better this week but we have no internet in our house, and I haven’t even started unpacking yet!

What did you receive this week? And would you have been able to resist 3 books for £5?

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