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Monday plans (#15)


Plan for last week:

So I finally finished The Night Circus – i’m still not honestly sure what I thought about it.  For some of the book I was just not gripped at all, but at the same time, I kept going back! I’ve (just about) started Dearly, Beloved but haven’t even looked at Ironskin yet – I got distracted by A Feast for Crows…should stop reading it, probably won’t!

It’s freshers week here and I’m a peer guide which means that I have day-time events to take my freshers to, and I have to take them out most evenings this week – it’s only Day 3 and I’m shattered already! Trying not to aim too high this week because things are so busy, so definitely not planning to finish all three books.  Would like to make some progress though – the nights out are killing my brain cells and reading feels vaguely intelligent!

Plan for this week:

I also plan to try and take part in Bloggiesta next weekend, even though it’s pretty tough without internet! When you factor in Fresher’s week, I don’t think it’ll be too successful, but everyone keeps raving about it, and anything I can get done will be good 🙂


– The book links included here go to Amazon – yes this DOES mean that if you choose to purchase the book through that link, I may make a small percentage of the sale.
– This in no way increases the price of the book to you, and every book included here is one I personally have read/plan to read. I have chosen to include Amazon links not only for monetizing purposes but also because Amazon is where I buy my books – they’re cheaper than competitors, include free delivery and offer student discount.

What are you reading? What are your plans for the week?

If you’d be interested in posting your reading plans for the week, write a post or comment, head on over to Book Journey’s page and submit your link. For every 10 posts you read/comments you make you get one entry into her giveaway.

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