November goals

There’s only 8 weeks left until the end of the year – how is everyone coping with their New Year’s Resolutions?

Oh, you forgot about them? No worries, most people do! Now, with only a short time left this year, it’s a great opportunity to think about what you could achieve before the end of 2012.

Maybe there are some little-ish things you’ve been putting off:
– cleaning out your email inbox
– tidying that weird pile of junk that’s accumulated next to the bed
– phoning that friend you meant to call weeks ago
– Going to the dentist

Maybe you’ve got a few things you really need to do, or things you want to do but haven’t found time for
– reading a particular book
– Outfit planning so you can finally wear things hidden in your wardrobe
– binning old, out of date make-up

Whatever it is, commit to it! I always find by announcing my goals somewhere I’m much more likely to stick to them – I don’t want to come back and admit I didn’t get anything done.

Aim high and select more goals than you can actually do, that way at least you’ll make some good progress. Or start small, and add more goals if you finish them, whatever works for you.

My goals for November:

Uni assignments
1. Climate change essay (by November 16th)
2. Practical write up (by tomorrow!)
3. Taxonomy poster (by November 12th)
4. Frog presentation (By November 12th)

Noticing how the first half of November kinda sucks?!

1. To reach 400 posts/$10 on Mylot (whichever comes first)
2. To post on StudentSpyglass at least 15 times
3. To reach 6 million neopoints on Neopets (I know, I’m a big kid – but need something to cheer me up after all that work!)

Media & Life in General
1. To catch up on Glee
2. To finish at least 4 books (hopefully including re-reading the Hobbit in time for the film)
3. To come up with 5 Christmas present ideas each for my mum, dad, sister and boyfriend
4. To go on a great date for our anniversary at the end of the month
5. To pick my favourite 5 masters courses so far, and figure out how and when to apply for them

Wow, might be taking on a little much…..nah! Anything I can tick off that list will make me happy. What are you hoping to achieve this month? I love hearing everyone’s goals – it always gives me ideas!

Or maybe you think goal setting is a waste of time and would rather take life as it comes? Tell me either way!

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