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Monday plans (#19)


Last week:

Plan for this week:

As I managed to break my laptop this week, things didn’t go exactly to plan! I’m now at home for a few days for reading week too, so I’m going to try and (ironically enough) minimise my reading time and focus on uni work instead. I’m hoping to try and get a lot done because otherwise this month promises to be AWFUL – I have 3 essays, 2 presentations and 1 poster to finish as well as work to do on my disseration.

As well as that, The future we left behind has had to be put on hold for now because it’s on my broken laptop, and I can’t re-download it because it’s been archived.  I’ll be able to get it off my laptop eventually, but for now it’s a no-go.

So, here are my academic goals for the week (aim high!):

  • Pick a title for my Climate Change essay
  • Pick a title for my taxonomy poster
  • Research frogs for my systematics presentation
  • Research for climate change essay (at least 5 references)
  • Research for taxonomy poster

If I had nothing else to do this week, I’m sure this would be fine – but obviously I’ll be spending a lot of time with family, and I’ll also lose a whole day driving back to uni mid week.  The top two are honestly the hardest on my list because they’re just such broad subjects!  Obviously the awful laptop slows everything down a bit more as well.


– The book links included here go to Amazon – yes this DOES mean that if you choose to purchase the book through that link, I may make a small percentage of the sale.
– This in no way increases the price of the book to you, and every book included here is one I personally have read/plan to read. I have chosen to include Amazon links not only for monetizing purposes but also because Amazon is where I buy my books – they’re cheaper than competitors, include free delivery and offer student discount.

What are you reading? Any tips for surviving laptop-less? Makes both NetGalley reading & doing uni work pretty difficult!!

If you’d be interested in posting your reading plans for the week, write a post or comment, head on over to Book Journey’s page and submit your link. For every 10 posts you read/comments you make you get one entry into her giveaway.

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