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Monday plans (#20)


Last week:

Plan for this week:


I finally finished A Feast for Crows this week, and so this week I’m mostly craving lighter, easier, non-serial books!  I’m hoping to get started on both Havisham and Anything He Wants (which should hopefully be a nice break from heavy uni work!).  In terms of my academic goals for last week, here’s what I got done!

  • Pick a title for my Climate Change essay – Done (Effect of climate change on sea turtles)
  • Pick a title for my taxonomy poster – Done (Classification of the snow leopard)
  • Research frogs for my systematics presentation – Done
  • Research for climate change essay (at least 5 references) – Not done
  • Research for taxonomy poster – sort of done (i’ve started!)


– The book links included here go to Amazon – yes this DOES mean that if you choose to purchase the book through that link, I may make a small percentage of the sale.
– This in no way increases the price of the book to you, and every book included here is one I personally have read/plan to read. I have chosen to include Amazon links not only for monetizing purposes but also because Amazon is where I buy my books – they’re cheaper than competitors, include free delivery and offer student discount.

What are you reading? How do you balance work/studying around blogging and reading and still having a life?!

If you’d be interested in posting your reading plans for the week, write a post or comment, head on over to Book Journey’s page and submit your link. For every 10 posts you read/comments you make you get one entry into her giveaway.

7 thoughts on “Monday plans (#20)

  1. I really liked Scorpio Races, and it was nice to had a stand-alone read.

    College was a long time ago, but I remember having to juggle reading and studying plans. I think I was one of the few people at my college that had a local library card. I wish I had been as organized as you with actually planning out my personal choice reads vs required books.

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